11 Best Android Emulators for Windows Pc 2022

I know you all know about Android Emulator For Sure if you are looking for this here but for your knowledge let me tell you What is Android Emulator? And What we can do with these. Android Emulators is the software by which you can run your Android apps on  Windows Pc so why do you want to use on your Pc or What are it’s uses? You can enjoy your High processor speed and big screen of your Windows Pc.

Another useful feature of using Android Emulator is that you can Add multiplayer player and you can also add a Joystick or remote on your Windows Pc for more fun. Ios emulator for windows or mac is also available so that you can run any ios app on windows pc .

So Know come on the Main Topic there are lots of Android Emulators Present in the market so which is the best one, for our readers this time we come up with the list of best Android Emulators for Windows Pc and so on. If you are an Xbox fan than you can also read our post on Xbox one emulators.

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 List of Best Emulators for Windows

    1. Nox Player

Nox Player is one of the best Android Emulator which is based on Android 4.4.2 which provides all the basic feature and User friendly Interface. This Emulator provides a lot of features that make it a little bit complex but you can handle that easily. In the setting, you can switch between the amount of core processor or ram you want to use for Nox Player. There are also two graphics mode option provided by Nox Player such as DirectX or OpenGL.

best android emulators for windows
best android emulators fo rwindows

It Comes with the feature of adding apps directly from the Google Play Store or you can Just drag and drop the apps from your Mac and Windows Pc. The Nox Player also comes with the Rooted Feature and allows you to play more than one app at the same time.

So here you can see How best the Nox Player really is and If you can Download it from Click Here

    2. Remix Os Player

Remix Os Player is another best Android Emulators for Windows based On Android 6.6 Marshmello. This Emulator works great with Android 86x  so beware before you install it. This free android stimulator provides all the basic and advanced features so this is a solid perfect Emulator you are looking for. Remix Os Player provides much free processing as it is very light in consuming ram.

android emulators for windows

When it comes to User interface Remix Os Player is very user-friendly from any other Android Emulator and provides all the functions at the home screen for fast and easy access and also has a Google Play Store option at the Home Screen to Install all the apps. Provides a special feature like playing many apps at the same time.

If you are the developer then you can do some serious stuff with this Emulator and Remix Os Player is the Only Simulator that is Based on Android 6.6.

To download Remix Os Player Click Here.

       3. BlueStacks

I know you all know or heard about BlueStacks before because it is one of the most famous and older Android Emulators that is based on Android 4.4 KitKat. Bluestack also has a much easier user interface and is capable of sticking you with it.

android emulators for windows

Like Other Android Stimulator Bluestacks also gives you an Inbuilt Google Play Store to access over 2 million apps and an advanced feature of playing more than one app at the same time.

Another advanced feature of BlueStacks is it gives you a Live streaming option to your followers in BluStacks or Fb Live Streaming this is a unique feature as no other Android Emulators are providing that.

To Download BlueStacks Stimulator Click Here.

     4. Ko Player

Ko Player is the New and still emerging Android Emulator for windows-based on Android 4.4 KitKat. Like the other Emulator, Ko Player also has a Very User Friendly interface that provides all the features at Homescreen. It is built to perform well for 86x thus it allows you advantages in performance, stability, and compatibility. One Special feature is it provides creating a live Ko Player video and uploading feature.

android emulators for windows

It gives the InBuilt feature of Gooogle Play Store which provides you to access more than 2 million apps as I already said above and drag or drops feature for a downloaded .apk file. You can also play more than one app at the same time as other Android Emulators.

To Get Ko player Android Emulator Click Here

      5. MeMu

MeMu is yet another Android Emulators which provides you with a seamless experience of gaming on your Windows Pc and Mac with android apps. It is based on Android Marshmello but it comes with Android Jellybean so you have to upgrade it. It is compatible with Nvidia, Intel, and AMD so you don’t have to worry which chipset you have before installing it.

android emulators for windows

If we have to talk about the user-friendly experience of Memu then yeah it’s very user-friendly and you get all the basic functions at the right side of the Home screen, an inbuilt Google Play Feature to enjoy apps and drag and drop feature just like others if you have download .apk file.

MeMu also provides features such as Keyboard Mapping, full-screen mode, screenshot tool, screen record, and operational record to record anything while playing then you can share it on social media with Memu itself or from else.

To Download MeMu Click Here.

      6. Amidous

Amidous is built and developed by American Megatrends a Georgia-based company. The Amidous also know as Duos requires Net Framework 4 and above if you have window 8 and above you don’t have to worry about it cause it is inbuilt in them but you are running windows 7 in your pc then you have to download and install Net framework 4.

best android emulators
best android emulators

Amidous is based on Android 5.2  Lollipop and does well in running the much important fact about Amidous is it does have the Google Play Store so you have to manage and install your apps in the form of the .apk file as a drag and drop option. It provides Amazon App Store and its doesn’t match the standard of Google Play Store.

No Keyboard Mapping so that another loss you have to attach another Keyboard while Playing games the only thing it provides is Root .apk access you can access any rotted apps in your Mac and windows pc with the help of Amidous.

To download Amidous Click Here.

        7. Droid 4x

Droid 4x is yet another Android Emulator which is based on Android 4.4.2 KitKat and provides you all the fun of playing games and running apps on the big screen. Talking about the user interface Droid 4x has a much more user friendly Interface I mean it’s too easy to operate and provides a fluid experience while using.

best android emulators

Droid 4x provides you with a Webcam feature that allows you to click photos and videos and store them on the local drive. Talking about the performance level Droid 4x let you use half of your windows configuration like if you have 4 GB ram then it lets you use 2 GB ram for itself. This Android Emulator is Mainly for gaming and provides you a seamless gaming experience.

To get Droid 4x for your Windows Pc Click Here

        8. Andy Os

Andy Os is another name in the Android Emulator world that provides you the best gaming and app user experience on the Big screen of your Windows Pc and Laptop. This Android Emulator is developing more and moreover over the years and if get bored with the other Emulators you should try this as it has the best and simple user interface and provides an overwhelming experience while using.

best android emulators for PC

Andy Os is based on Android 4.2.2 but the interface is also more attractive with its mix of KitKat and Marshmallow and it’s great to use. This Android Emulator is completely free but if you want to use it for business purposes it is chargeable.

To get Andy Os for your Windows Pc and Mac Click Here

       9. LeapDroid

LeapDroid is the most Powerful Android Stimulator which is based on Android 4.4 KitKat and it comes with some pre Install apps like camera, Music, and Browser etc.  With the Home screen, you can download the most popular games like Clash of Clans and Six Guns . You get the Pre Install Google Play Store by which you can Install numerous apps on your Windows Pc and Mac and can enjoy playing them.

best android emulators for windows

About Leap Droid is owned by Google last year but it did go so well they shut it down but don’t go with this as the Leap Droid is the most powerful Android Emulator also provides seamless experience while playing the big game with for graphics handling there are two mode OpenGL or DirectX and provides Keyboard Mapping too.

As the company shut down the Leap Droid you don’t get the customer and prior update but you can still download the Leap Droid from other sites but it’s still try-worthy.

To Get this Leap Droid Click Here

       10. Bliss Os

Bliss is yet Another Best Android Emulator for Windows as it gives you a complete and seamless experience while playing apps on your windows pc either single or multiple. This Android Emulator is based on Android 8.0 Oreo highest on this list of the best Android Emulator for Windows Pc. The Bliss Os works well with built for 86x.

best android emulators for windows

Bliss Os supports chipsets from Intel, Nvidia, Snapdragon, and AMD. Compatible in playing apps on any device like Laptop, Pc, Tablet, etc. Bliss Os is not so good with its user to Interface it’s a little hard to run but once you know this you can run this more easily.

To get this Bliss Os for your Windows Pc Click Here

        11. GenyMotion

GenyMotion is a great and most emerging Android Emulator for windows and it’s in the development process but you can use it for your personal use. Before Installing it update your pc to the latest Bios present on the internet. GenyMotion lets you select between the two Android versions from Android 4.4 KitKat to Android 7.0 Nougat. It provides you the feature in free versions like GPS coordinates, battery level, and camera.

Best Android Emulators for Windows

GenyMotion is a great alternative For the Bluestaks but overall this is preferable by the developer you can use it too but we recommend you to try another Emulator from this list of best Android Emulators for Windows Pc.

With GenyMotions you can easily play all your mobile apps on a large screen with great performance.

To Get GenyMotion for your Windows Pc Click Here

Our Verdict

Everyone wants to play video games on a big screen and thus everyone wants Best Android Emulator for Windows so here we provided the list of 11 best Android Emulator for pc. We want you to recommend Remix Os Payer and Memu but it’s totally your decision that which one you wanna pick and which are you using. So guys thank you for reading this and tell us which Android Emulator you are using and which one we missed in the comment section.

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