Top 10 Best Free Android & Ios Games Of All Time

There is a time when we used to play Video games on tv, the games like Maro, Snowbros, Contra, flows in our veins but now the times changes a lot and people now used to more engage with Mobiles games cause It’s easy to stay with your mobile rather than your t.v. The mobiles games are more addictive and fun loving too.

“Games are life ” this is the line you heard from many game lover over a billion time. We often spend many hours in playing games while Travelling, in the Free hour, or even when we have something to do. As the Android platform is hugely used so we have decided to make a list of best free android games of all time for our readers. We play every game to enrich our experience and to get the best for you.

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So here is our listing on the best free android game of all time.

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Best Free Android Games Of All Time

Clash of Clans

Clash of Clans is the best strategy game of all time released in 2012 and becomes a huge hit from the past few years. Talking about Playstore it has a rating of over 4.6 with over billions of downloads. It’s a strategy game where you can make your own Village your own clan and can attack another village by preparing your own troops. You can also play clan wars by joining or creating your own clan. It is the best strategy android game as far as the user ratings and our experience.

Available for Ios and Android

Get it from Playstore click here 

Contains in-app purchase for better resources

Game size 97.1 MB

Compatible with Android  Above 4.1


Shadow Fight 3

Shadow Fight 3 is a Hit fighting game like its previous hit series Shadow fight 2 and  1 with over 4.4 rating on play store. A game where you can be your own hero fighting with the dark evils and spirits and save the world. It is an addictive game where you have different fighting styles, fighting equipment, magic power and a massive world full of adventures. You can enjoy the beauty of the real fight with great animations. It is the best android game free on both the platform Android or Ios.

Shadow fight 3 is little heavy game but you need a Minimum 3 GB ram and quad-core handset to play it smoothly contains in-app purchase to include various resources.

Game size 441 MB

Compatible with Android Above 4.1

Get it From Playstore click here

Sky Force Reloaded

A must-have shooting game where you have to shoot every enemy which comes in your way with over 4.7 Rating on the play store and increasing popularity of this game it becomes the best shooting game as far as the user reviews are the concern.

Sky Force Reloaded is an addictive game with its modern graphic which doesn’t let you stay long from it even when you are sleeping you are fighting with the enemies.

It has many levels and every level is revealed when you complete a certain level a huge amount of madness and craziness is waiting for you in your own way.

Available on Android as well as on Ios.

Contains in-app purchase for better resources.

Get it From Playstore click here

App Size Varies with device

App compatibility Varies with device

Plague Inc.

Plague Inc. is a global hit with over half a million 5 star ratings and features in newspapers such as The Economist, New York Post, Boston Herald, The Guardian and London Metro. The game in which you try to infect the whole world (Don’t do it in real please). Its a game about you facing the whole world alone it’s you vs the whole let’s see who wins.

Available for Android and Ios and in-app purchase present.

Get it from Playstore Click here

App size  Varies with device

Compatible with Varies with device

Angry Bird 2

Angry bird 2 is the game which brings all the generation close together a game played by all, loved by all. Consist of in-app purchase which people seems to use a lot in this game. Choosing the right bird, completing the level, breaking the wall, defeating the boss bird is all part of this game. Some people complain about its in-app purchase and app crashes but you have to give it a chance although it still has 4.6 rating on play store.

Available for Android and Ios.

Get it from Playstore click here

App size 128 MB

Compatible with Android 4.1 and above 

Alto’s  Adventure

Alto’s adventure is the best adventure game with light graphics with having 4.6 rating on the play store. It is the best adventurous game where you have to guide your snowboard in order to survive a tricky and hilly mountain. A never-ending game with a with beautiful graphics provides a delightful experience while playing it.

Available for Android and iOs 4

Get it from Playstore click here

App size 60.1 Mb

Compatible with Android 4.0 and above

Clash Royal

Popular game but don’t Confuse with Clash of clans and it they both are very different but created by the same company Supercell. Clash royale is all about fighting with the creatures with your own creature in which the strongest one will win. Resources play an important part in this game also consist of in-app purchase depending on you whether you want to buy it or not.

Available for both Android and Ios

Get it from Playstore Click here

App size 90.73 MB

Compatible with Android 4.1 and above

Pokemon go

Pokemon go is the game which is loved by all generations I know you have seen this line somewhere but forgets it. The most addictive game of 2017 in which people have to capture a Pokemon by walking himself in search of it. A game that uses your GPRS, Camera and some of your energy while roaming here and there in search of Pokemon. You have to collect more and more Pokemon and after level 5 you get a chance to join a team to play Gym matches.

Many countries also banned this game because its very addictive and people used to play it even when they are walking on the road.

It’s a huge hit game even the celebrities are playing these games and uploading photos and video while paying it.

Available for both Android and Ios

Get it from Playstore click here

App Size 86 MB

Compatible with Android 4.4 and above

Asphalt 8 Airborne

Asphalt 8 Airborne is all about racing a must have a racing game with 4.5 rating on the play store. Imagine yourself racing the car with the group of drivers in hilly track where beating other the others has its own fun. This game is all about fun, speed, and madness also contain some in-app purchase which is helpful in boosting your car performance.

Available for Android as well as Ios.

Get it from Playstore click here

App size 60 MB

Compatible with Android 4.0 and above.

Super Mario

Super Mario very popular video game having huge fan following makes it tough for us to not put this game on this list of the best android games free for your mobile. If you haven’t played it before Super Mario is all about running from the creature jumping from the various obstacle and defeating the dragons in order to win her queen back. You have to pass the various levels and defeat the certain monster to be kept alive in this game. It is the must be played the adventure game in our eye.

Available for Android and Ios

Get it from Playstore click here

App size 67 MB

Compatible with Android 4.2 and above

Our verdict on the best android game of all time

These games are very addictive and fun playing but some of the games on this list of best free android games of all time are heavy and requires a good configuration smartphone. You must have a smartphone with the Android version above 4.4 with 3 GB of ram. In now these days you can easily found these configurations in a low budget smartphone. We wonder the 2 GB might face some hanging problem while playing some of these games.

All the games have a little bit influence on your battery back up but We assume Pokemon go shrink your battery fast cause it uses GPRS and camera at the same time. As explained above all the games listed in the best free android game of all time have in-app purchase it’s your decision rather you wanna buy it or not.

These all are the High graphics modern games that might be causing addiction for you so beware before starts to play.


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