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Delta GB WhatsApp v3.5.1 Download Latest Apk 2024 (Update)

Delta GB Whatsapp is one of the best Whatsapp mod apps you can use in your device that’s why we have provided you a safe link to download the latest Delta GB Whatsapp app apk. This app is considered one of the best-moded WhatsApp apk after Yo Whatsapp.

We have seen many people are facing difficulties while finding a reliable source to download Delta GB Whatsapp so we decided to write a Guide about this apk file. In this post, you will get to know all the advantage of Delta GB Whatsapp as well as you can download this app.

With the help of this app, your connection to your family and friends with some special features that you never gonna get in the official WhatsApp. Some of the Special features of Delta GB Whatsapp are Unlimited Sticker, Message Schedule, Call blocker and more.

Download Delta GB Whatsapp

What is Delta GB Whatsapp App?

Delta GB Whatsapp is a moded app of the official Whatsapp that provides a lot of features. There are also lots of moded apps available like FMWhatsapp, GB Whatsapp, Whatsapp Plus.

The Developers of Delta GB Whatsapp are working hard to provide all the latest version in this app. Unlike all WhatsApp modified apps, GB Whatsapp is one of the safest apps you can use.

Well, you can’t find this app on the play store you can download the latest version of the Delta Whatsapp app from our website. We regularly update our app so if you want to update it you can download the updated app from our website.

Download Latest Version of Delta GB Whatsapp

You can download the latest version of Delta GB Whatsapp from here. We have uploaded the latest version of the Delta app so that you have advanced features. The app has been updated regularly so you have to visit us regularly to get updated.

App NameDelta GB Whatsapp
DeveloperDeltalabs Studio
Size56.7 MB

Delta WhatsApp V3.5.2

Delta WhatsApp V1.1.1

You can use this app on your android app without any doubt of getting a ban. We have updated the latest and the old version of the Delta GB Whatsapp app, so you can download any app you want.

We have listed both older and the latest versions of the apps so you can download any app you want. I have seen many people are looking for Delta Whatsapp V 1.1.1.

Features Of Delta WhatsApp APK

There are numerous of features if we compare Whatsapp and Delta GB Whatsapp. We have listed each and every feature of Delta Whatsapp so than you can have to know about this app.

Delta WhatsApp is a modified version of WhatsApp in which many features are added.

New stickers and Emojis

Delta WhatsApp allows new Emojis and stickers that you never gonna get in Whatsapp. You can download any sticker and emoji and send them to your loved one without any issue.

Forwarded Message Removal

You can delete the forward tag in your message and then sent it to anyone without knowing others than it wasn’t written by you. This is one of the unique features of delta WhatsApp that you can’t have in other moded apps.

Group calls and messages

Make group calls and messages with the delta app without any limitation and group limits. You can make a big group with your family and friend that can make you feel happy.

Anti-ban Feature

You can feel free while using this app it doesn’t lead you to get blocked or banned from the Whatsapp. You can even use this app with the official WhatsApp on your mobile phone.

Call blocking Feature

You can block any person from texting and you can select o show the blocked calls notification too. These features also let you block any number without even saving the number.

Schedule or Automatic Replying Feature

Delta app allows you to send automatic messages so that when you are away delta WhatsApp, would reply to them with your pre-defined message. This feature would be really helpful for you if you have some business or you meet a lot of people.

Images and Videos

You can send images and videos to your contacts without having any compression in the video or image quality. You can send videos up to 50 MBs and send audio files up to 100 MBs by Delta WhatsApp. Whatsapp official apps automatically compress any file that you send to other users.

Story Features

You can upload more than 7-minute videos with the help of the Delta WhatsApp Story feature. You don’t even need to tri or crop your video to post.


Delta WhatsApp supports multiple languages so you can chat with your friends and family in your own regional languages. It supports more than 50 languages unlike 40 languages in Whatsapp.

How to Install Delta GB Whatsapp?

The download steps are really easy if you ever download and install apk from any website then this could be very easy for you. If you haven’t downloaded yet follow the steps I have mentioned below.

  • Enable the option of unknown source for the successful installation of Delta WhatsApp Apk
  • Click on the download button from above than wait for it till it downloads.
  • As soon as the downloading completes, tab on the Delta app and let it install
  • Follow some steps to install delta WhatsApp on your android device.
  • You can now enjoy Delta WhatsApp

How to Update Delta Whatsapp?

Updating the Delta GB Whatsapp is also an easy task you just have to download the updated app from above and install it. We always update our website so that you can get regular updates. if you didn’t get that then follow the below steps

  • Download the updated GB Whatsapp from above
  • After download click on the apk to install it.
  • The updated apps take place in the older app so you don’t need to worry about the old app.
  • Congrats your Delta app is updated


Is it Safe to Use Delta GB Whatsapp?

Yes, It is completely safe to use Delta Whatsapp there is no chance of getting banned or blocked by Whatsapp. The new update makes it anti blocked so make sure you have updated to the Latest Version.

Is WhatsApp delta for iPhone

Currently, Dela Whatsapp is not available for the iPhone but we can update as soon as you can. Delta Whatsapp is only available for Android right now.

What is better WhatsApp delta vs WhatsApp plus?

We have tested both the apps and it is clear that both apps are working fine but Whatsapp Plus is older and trusted than Whatsapp delta. You can go with any apps both are getting a good response from the public.

Our Verdict

We have listed all the cons and pros of Delta GB Whatsapp also know as Delta Whatsapp here. You can download Delta GB Whatsapp from here and share it with your friends and family. If you have any confusion regarding any steps then you can comment below.

We have tested his app and it’s working fine also visit us regularly to get updated with the latest Delta GB Whatsapp


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