Spotify 8.44 Premium Apk Download 2019 (Updated)

Spotify is a giant music streaming app which is not launched its services in many countries but it still considered one of the best music streaming app. I saw a lot of question on Quora and Yahoo Answers like how to use Spotify Premium apk app for free and doesn’t see a perfect answer so I decided to post about it.

In this post, I am going to tell you how to download and install Spotify Premium app for free because I am using it already for the past 1 years. Spotify is a wonderful app to stream music, follow your Favourite artist and their playlist and share it with your friends.

Download Spotify premium apk
Download Spotify premium apk

You can use all Spotify premium service except downloading songs in Spotify free Premium app. This Spotify Free Premium app provides the functions like unlimited skipping a song,( VPN required) and more. There are a lot of features you can get free over free Spotify if you are gonna use Spotify premium apk app.

Before telling you about how to use Spotify in India let me first tell you about Vpn

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What is Spotify Premium Apk App?

Spotify Premium apk app is a mod version of Spotify official app and its capable of providing a lot of premium features for free in Spotify premium app. Spotify is considered one of the best music streaming app on the internet as it consists of millions of songs from each and every singer characterized in a different genre. It is also popular for its mods playlist.

This Spotify Premium app is for all the device the apk file supports all the device and provide all the premium features guaranteed. You can stream to an enormous playlist and can share it with your family and friends. Spotify also has very easy user interface so that any new user can also use it without any problem.

While you have to use Vpn for logging in the Spotify if you are not in Spotify service region like India I have elaborated below this solution below.

Features of Spotify Premium Apk App

There are lots of benefits of using Spotify Premium app over Spotify free app as it provides a lot of features for free of course. Spotify Premium app is a mod of Spotify app so it’s able to provide some premium Spotify features. Some of the features are Add free version, high-quality streaming, Unlimited skipping sharing your favorite song on the social media sites with your friends. So let’s go with all the features of Spotify Premium App.

  • Add Free App

Spotify Premium App provides the add free version of Spotify as the free version of Spotify show adds. You will get the best music streaming experience without any disturbance.

  • Free of Cost

Spotify Premium App is free of cost you don’t have spend a penny while enjoying your favorite song on Spotify. This music streaming app provides millions of song at good quality at no cost.

  • Quality Streaming

This moded app provides excellent quality of music you will enjoy every beat of your favorite at a great quality. You will get all kind of song at almost all the language.

  • Versatility Of Songs

Spotify app provides all language songs are arranged them in a curated genre, mods and the playlist created by a normal individual. This playlist is the main root of Spotify and help is to grow much stronger in the music streaming industry.

Download Spotify Premium Apk 8.44 Latest Version

Here the download link below for the Premium Spotify Apk so you can download it without any delay. Spotify premium apk allows you to stream the high-quality song from the millions of songs database at free of cost. This Spotify premium apk provides all the premium features that would cost you the lot.


AppSpotify Premium Apk
Size38.10 MB
Require Andoid4.1 or Above
Downloads+ 1 Billion

This premium Spotify app is free and provides you with all the features for much you have to pay if you go for the official one. We keep updating this Spotify premium apk so you just keep visiting us so you always get updated.


How to Install Spotify Premium Apk?

Installing a Spotify Premium Apk is really easy you just have to perform some easy & quick steps. Just download the premium Spotify apk from the above and follow steps that I have mentioned below and enjoy your free premium apk.

1.Download the Spotify Premium apk from the above link

2. Click on the Download file to install the Spotify Premium apk

3. After Installing you have to make Spotify account either you can choose a facebook login or email. I recommend using email and then add FB account later if you want it.

4. Log in with your email address and password and enjoy Spotify with all premium features.


How To Use Spotify Where It’s Not Available?

Spotify Premium apk latest version
Spotify Premium apk latest version

Spotify is a premium app but is not available in many countries if you want to use it then you have to use Vpn. Many countries like India, Chine, Nigeria don’t have Spotify service. We have to use Vpn to use Spotify service in the countries where it is not available. So before start getting started lets to start from the basic. What Vpn really is?

What is VPN?

VPN stands for Virtual Private Network which is used to change your geographical location. It is mainly used to access show and websites which are not available for your country or we can’t access it like in this case we use Vpn to access Spotify as it is not available in our country.

How to use Spotify in India?

1. Download the Spotify app from the above link you can’t find it on Google play store.

2. Install the Spotify app on your mobile.

3. Install the Hola Vpn from the Google Play store.

How to use Spotify in India
How to use Spotify in India


4. Open Hola app a list of installed apps comes to your screen touch on the Spotify app. Make sure changing the country location from India to the US(United States).

5. Then open Spotify music app signs up for it using your email only. Using your facebook email tracks your real location and it’s not gonna work.

6. Once you sign up you can enjoy it without any restrictions.


Do I Need Hola App every time To Use Spotify App?

No, you don’t need hola app every time to use Spotify app. Once you sign up for Spotify using your location to the US. Hola app work is done there.

Note: We are not violating any software companies rules and regulation we are only promoting the brand.

Our Verdict on Spotify Premium App

Spotify premium app is the freemium best music streaming app as it is not available in many counties but we have provided some useful solution so that you can still use your favorite app. It has the millions of songs characterized in all genres & mods.

Spotify premium apk is both freemium as well as premium but we recommend you to use freemium as the premium version is a little bit costly if you go for the paid version. So enjoy this update and if you use any issue let us know in the comment section.


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