FMWhatsapp 7.90 Download Latest Version (Updated) 2019

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Whenever someone talks about moded WhatsApp apps FMWhatsapp is always getting a priority. There are many Whatsapp mods but FMWhatsapp is still considered as one of the best app available. From a quite long time, itis becoming more and more popular among messaging app users. Many users use it over the official Whatsapp as it provides a lot of features.



While there are many Whatsapp user still believes that GB Whatsapp & YoWhatsapp is the best contender from the moded WhatsApp but FMWhatsapp has its own fan base. Whatsapp is widely popular among mobile phone users but it still lacks to provide some features that make use to move for the moded Whatsapp users. Many users still don’t know about these moded apps that why they are still using the official app with fewer features.

If You are an Instagram user then you can use Gb Instagram app. It is the moded version of the official Instagram app and provides a lot of features.

Before getting a download link for Downloading FMWhatsapp we want to ensure that you will know about FM Whatsapp more. So we have provided all the information about the top features of FM Whatsapp.

What is FMWhatsapp?

FMWhatsapp is the moded version of official Whatsapp and provides a lot more features that official WhatsApp is lacking to provides. There are many Whatsapp user who will go for a change once they would know about the moded WhatsApp. FMWhatsapp is very effective in term of providing privacy and safety of the users.

This messaging app is used by millions of users and it is considered as one of the most trusted apps. This app is Developed by Fouad Mods and he is continuously working on this app to make it even better than other users. There are many other Whatsapp moded app but FMWhatsapp is considered as one of the best moded apps.

This FM Whatsapp is one of the best Messaging apps with the whole new features without this app your mobile wouldn’t be perfect.

Features Of FMWhastapp APK

  • While the official app lacks the security feature FMWhatsapp App has an app lock feature to protect your privacy.
  • You can protect your app with Patter, Passcode or Password for protection
  • There is an option Call Filter by which you can choose the persons who can call you.
  • You can pin almost 100 chats on the top of the chat list while the official app only let you pin 3 chats for more.
  • FMWhatsapp let you share up to 700 MB sized file as the official app only let you send 16 MB file.
  • You can send the media file in varieties of format such as APK, RAR, DOC, PDF and more.
  • It provides a lot of themes which are widely popular among the users.
  • You can add more Group member than official WhatsApp in this FMWhatsapp app.
  • You can change the Color od each and every group so each and everyone looks different.
  • There are many customizable options in this app makes it a perfect messaging app.
  • FMWhatsapp has a huge store of emojis updated continuously.

Download FMWhatsapp Latest Version

You can Download Latest Version of FMWhatsapp from our below link. This app provides great features which your official app is lacking to provide. We have the fastest working lastest apk which is only one click away from you. If you faced any problem then you can contact us. Below we have provided the Lastest version of FM Whatsapp.


FMWhatsapp app keeps on updating and thus we have also updated our Download link. If you want to get updated then you surely keep on visiting us in a short interval of time. We have placed the Latest version as well as the old version of the FMWhatsapp as there are some old fans too.

App NameFMWhatsapp
App Size53.27 MB
DevelopersFouad Mod

How To Install FMWhatsapp

Installing FMWhatsapp is an easy process it is as simple as installing the official Whatsapp. All you have to do is download the FMWhatspp from the above link and starts installing it. We have further break and wrote all the steps in the proper way to get guidance while installing the app.

  1. Download the latest version of FMWhatsappfrom above link.

FM Whatsapp

        2. After Downloading tap on the download file to start installing.

FM Whatsapp

Download FMWhatsapp

       3. After Installing the app all you have to do is to enter the phone number on the screen.

FM Whatsapp Apk

FM Whatsapp Apk

        4. After confirming the phone number enter the received opt quickly.

        5. Soon as the Opt is done you can enjoy your FMWhatsapp app.

How To Update FMWhatsapp App

Updating part is easy as playing with a kid is. All you need to do is download the latest version of FMWhatsapp from the above and if you are using the older version it automatically installs the latest version without uninstalling the older version. The detailed guide is here

  1. Download the Latest Version of FM Whatsapp from above.
  2. Install the downloaded apk file.
  3. The latest version apk automatically installs without uninstalling the older version.
  4. Enjoy your updated FMwhastapp app.

Our Verdict On FMWHatsapp Latest Version

So that’s it we have featured all the information about FM Whatsapp with its download link you can read the full article and get your app. This app is one of the best mod app of official WhatsApp and you can use it without any worry. You can also use GB Whatsapp and Yo Whatsapp if you don’t want to use this app. These are the final words if you have any by query than you can leave us a comment.

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