How to find your Router IP Address

Finding Router IP Address

Finding the IP of your router is the very first step you need to do right after you tuned On your router. You can find your default IP address right here in this post. Your IP address consists of four sets of numbers including the dots. Most of the common IP addresses used by routers are and

Some of the routers have different sets of IP addresses that depend on the device. We have mentioned all the IP address and their finding methods so that you can find your default router IP.

Right after you got your IP address you need your router’s default username and password. These credentials vary from brand to brand but most of them use username – admin and password – admin/password. You need the router’s default IP address, username, and password to access the administration panel of your router.

Windows Router Users

Here is the most straightforward method open CMD and type this command “ipconfig” and wait till the result appears. Check for the “default gateway address” in the result and note it down. The default gateway address is your router IP that you need to enter in the browser address bar to get the router administration panel.

For beginners here how to open CMD. First, you just need to click on the Windows icon located below the right of your laptop or computer screen. Open and search for CMD on the search bar. Tap wait for it to open and follow the steps that we mentioned above.

macOS Router User

Here is the easiest step that can get to see your router IP address o your MacOS. Click on the Apple menu’ located on the top left corner of your screen, then select the ‘System Preferences’ option. Click on the ‘Network’ icon and then choose the relative connection option and then click the ‘Advanced’ button. It will lead you to your MacOs IP address. Click the ‘TCP/IP’ tab to find the IP address on the right side of the router.

Linux Router Users

For Linux users, it Is easier than any other method. Just navigate to ‘Applications’ then go on ‘System Tools,’ and finally on, ‘Terminal.’ On the Terminal type ‘ipconfig’ to get the IP address of your wireless router.

Android Router Users

Android users need to download an android app from their playstore known as ‘Wi-Fi Analyzer’. This can only be done with the help of a third party app. After you download the app just click on the View menu and choose ‘AP List’ from the option. Check and tab on your connecter router name and it will display your router information including your IP. This is one of the easiest methods for android users to get their IP.

iPhone Router User

If your using an iPhone and want to know your IP address then follow these basic steps. Go to Settings on your mobile then click on the ‘Wifi’ and find your router name and click on it. On your Wifi Setting look for Section ‘DHCP’ in which your IP address is been listed. By this, you can get your wireless router IP address on your iPhone.

FAQ: Finding Router IP Address


1. What is a Router IP Address?
A Router IP Address, also known as a Default Gateway, is a numerical label assigned to your home or office router on a network. It serves as the entry point for devices to connect to the internet and manage network traffic.

2. Why do I need to find my Router IP Address?
You might need to access your router’s settings page to configure network settings, set up port forwarding, or troubleshoot network issues. To do this, you need to know the Router IP Address.

3. How can I find my Router IP Address on Windows?
On Windows, you can open the Command Prompt and type “ipconfig”. Look for the “Default Gateway” entry under your active network connection. This is your Router IP Address.

4. How do I find my Router IP Address on macOS?
For macOS, go to “System Preferences” > “Network”. Choose your active connection on the left, click “Advanced,” and then go to the “TCP/IP” tab. Your Router IP Address will be listed as the “Router” or “Default Gateway.”

5. Can I find my Router IP Address on mobile devices?
Yes, you can. On both Android and iOS devices, connect to your Wi-Fi network and navigate to the network settings. Find your connected network and look for the Router IP Address listed as the “Gateway.”

6. Is there a universal Router IP Address?
No, the Router IP Address varies based on the manufacturer and your network’s configuration. Common Router IP Addresses include,, and, but they can differ.

7. Can I change my Router IP Address?
Yes, you can change the Router IP Address through your router’s settings page. However, this process can vary depending on the router model. Refer to your router’s manual for specific instructions.

8. What if I forgot my Router IP Address after changing it?
If you forget the new Router IP Address you’ve set, you might need to reset your router to its default settings. This will revert the IP Address to the manufacturer’s default. Be cautious, as this will erase any custom configurations.

9. Are there online tools to find Router IP Addresses?
Yes, there are websites that can help you identify your Router IP Address. You can search for “What is my IP Address” in your preferred search engine. However, use caution when using online tools and ensure they are reputable.

10. Is the Router IP Address the same as the public IP Address?
No, the Router IP Address is different from the public IP Address assigned by your Internet Service Provider (ISP). The Router IP Address is specific to your local network, while the public IP Address is the one your devices use to communicate with the broader internet.

Remember that router interfaces and options can vary, so always refer to your router’s manual or the manufacturer’s website for accurate and detailed instructions related to finding or changing your Router IP Address.


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