How to use Spotify in India?

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Spotify is a giant music streaming app which is not launched its services in India. I saw a lot of question on Quora and Yahoo Answers like how to use Spotify in India and doesn’t see a perfect answer so I decided to post about it.

In this post, I am going to tell you that how to use Spotify in India for free because I am using it already for past 1 years. Spotify is a wonderful app to stream music, follow your Favourite artist and their playlist and share it with your friends.

You can use all Spotify premium service except download in Spotify free Premium app. This Spotify Free Premium app can do functions like unlimited skiable of songs, Work In India( VPN required) and more.

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Before telling you about how to use Spotify in India let me first tell you about Vpn

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What is VPN?

VPN stands for Virtual Private Network which is used to change your geographical location. It is mainly used to access show and websites which are not available for your country or we cant access it like in this case we use Vpn to access Spotify as it is not available in our country.

How to use Spotify in India?

1. Download the Spotify app from using this link as it’s not available in India so you can’t find it on Google play store.

2. Install the Spotify app on your mobile.

     Note: You have to allow installation from an unknown source for it by going through your settings.

3. Install the Hola Vpn from the Google Play store.

How to use Spotify in India

How to use Spotify in India


4. Open Hola app a list of installed apps comes to your screen touch on Spotify app. Make sure changing the country location from India to the US(United States).

5. Then open Spotify music app signs up for it using your email only. Using your facebook email tracks your real location and it’s not gonna work.

6. Once you sign up you can enjoy it without any restrictions.


Do I Need Hola App every time To Use Spotify App?

No, you don’t need hola app every time to use Spotify app. Once you sign up for Spotify using your location to the US. Hola app work is done there.

Note: We are not violating any software companies rules and regulation we are only promoting the brand.

Our Verdict on Spotify in India

Spotify is the freemium best music streaming app as it is not available in India we have provided some useful solution so that you can still use your favorite app in India.

Spotify is both freemium as well as premium but we recommend you to use freemium as the premium version is a little bit costly cause Spotify has been launched in India yet. So enjoy this update and if you use any issue let us know in the comment section.

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