Is Spotify the best music streaming app ?

Is Spotify the best music streaming app?

There are more than 50 music streaming apps you can find in play store. But when we come to best music streaming apps we can count some apps like Soundcloud, Apple music, and Spotify.

I am an Apple music user since the day it launches in India. Before Apple music, I respectfully tried all our Indian apps like Saavn, Wynk, and Ganna. So coming back Apple music its welcome playlist, weekly playlist, and recommendations are good I thought it is the best streaming app with tons of songs and I don’t need to go anywhere. For 120/m I can stream over 40 million songs. So when I finally decide to give a try to Spotify.

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Spotify why are you not launching in India?

Spotify launched in 2008 in 70 countries leaving some counties including India. Since 2008 Spotify didn’t try to launch its services in the second most internet using country in the world. There are several rumors saying Spotify is launching in India soon but those are false Spotify don’t have any plan to launch in many countries ( including India). Its rival services like Apple music already launched in India and Amazon music are planning to launch here soon. So why won’t you Spotify?

How to use Spotify in India?

I have been waited for Spotify to launch in India but then I have to satisfied with using Spotify with VPN( Virtual Private Network) because Spotify didn’t provide its service to us. So I starting searching for Spotify premium APK file and without wasting a second you can find it here. Then I did some research about VPNs and Use appropriate VPN service for my Spotify installation.

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Spotify vs Apple music

After installing, It asked me for the artist I like then they Curated a welcome playlist for me I simply amazed by it I almost like 90% songs in it. I have tried all the music streaming app even Apple music but I never experienced it before. Apple music also provided the welcome playlist to me but it seems worthless in front of Spotify List. I never thought I like any music streaming app except Apple music. Spotify just felt like something new and something extraordinary to me.

Spotify is a Freemium app while Apple Music is paid they don’t provide free service I guess you heard this before iPhone is for Aamir(Rich Person) as hence its truth. You can easily see Spotify is in Lead from Apple Music. 


So Spotify has a pretty good service and music directory as compare to Apple music, you just need proper knowledge of VPN to use its services in India.

In Terms of rating,

Apple music                                         3.5/5

Spotify                                                   4.5/5ndia


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