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TP-Link Router login IP Guide With Password & Username

If you are looking for the default username and password of your TP-Link router then you are at the right place. We have written a depth guide on TP-link router login with default password and username. TP-Link is considered as one of the best routers brands in the market. They provide some advanced features at the right cost.

Every router has it’s IP address which is used to open the admin access of the router.  You have to provide the username and the password right after you entered the IP address. You can use all the advanced features like changing the username and password of the router, blocking a website or establishing a wifi connection.

Some of the Most used IP address is,, and These IPs provide a safe network to login to the routers.

What is TP-Link router IP?

The default IP address for the TP-link router is You have to enter in IP in the browser to access the admin panel of your TP-link router. You also need to have the default router password and username of the router if you are the new user. After login, you can access all the features of your Tp-link router. The address is also written on the backside of the router so if you have any confusion you can check it out. is the second most used router login IP after 192.1681.1.

What is TP-link Username & Password?

TP-link router login

The default username is admin and the password is an admin for TP-link router. If you are the new user then you can login into router admin panel with default username and password. You have to enter the correct password username after entering the IP address into the browser. Make sure to change the username and password of your router right after you login to it.

How to change the Username & Password of TP-Link router?

First, you need to Login into the router admin panel with the IP address, username, and password. From the right side option click on the System tools and then on password. In the old username and old password field write admin in both. I the new username and password field enter your desired username and password and click on the save button below. Congrats your username and password now have been changed.

What If I forgot Username or Password?

If you are a new user and forgot or don’t know your passowrd than you can go with username – admin and password – admin. If you already changed your password and then you forgot it then you have to reset your password by pressing the reset button. The reset button always found on the backside of the router and you have to press it with a pointed object for some seconds. Right after you reset your device you can loin into it by using the default username and password of your TP-Link router.

Make sure your desired password should be tough to guess to prevent it from hacking. You can opt for the google password or use upper case, lower case, digits and special characters in your password.

How to Login in TP-link Routers?

The login part of TP-Link is easy but make sure you are ready with the default IP, username and password of tte router. Follow the below step and login into your TP-links router within a few seconds.

  1. Make sure your T-LInk router is connected to the power cable and it’s On.
  2. Check your router is connected with your Laptop or computer. You can also use wireless connectivity but we recommend to use a laptop or pc.
  3. Open any browser in your computer i.e chrome, firefox, opera
  4. Open the address bar of the browser and write and press enter. It will redirect you tot he login page of your router.
  5. Enter the username -admin and password – admin and press ok.
  6. Enjoy you have now entered in your router admin panel.

What If I Still Can’t login IntoTP-link Router?

If you still can’t login into TP-link router even if you have done all the above steps correctly then you follow these steps.

  1. Check your router is router is plugged in and the green signal light is on.
  2. Make your router is connected to your device correctly.
  3. Check whether you have entered the correct IP or not.
  4. Make  Sure yo have entered the correct default password and username.
  5. Wait for some time and repeat the process again.
  6. Reset the router if nothing above works.
  7. Contact the router manufacturer if the problem isn’t resolved.

Note: Resetting the router will again the router username and password to default username and password.

How to Setup Your TP-Link router?

TP-link router setup

After login, you need to set up your TP-link router to use the wireless network. Follow these steps to set up your  TP-link router.

  1. Login in your TP-Link router using the default password and username.
  2. From the left side option click on the WLAN option.
  3. Choose the PPP0E option in the Wan connection type. It depends on your Internet service provider.
  4. Enter the username and password provided by your internet service provider and click on save.
  5. You have successfully set up your Internet connection for wifi.

How to Setup Wifi in TP-link router?

Tp-link wifi setup


The wifi setup is the most important step as people need to access the internet via their laptop, mobile or tablets. For using wireless network setup, your wifi is the necessary setup. Follow the below guide for a complete setup.

  1. Login into your TP-link router with using the above guide.
  2. On the right side, the option selects the wireless setting.
  3. Select the Wireless setting option and enter any desired username in the wireless network name.
  4. Select your region in your region option and press save from below.
  5. On the Wireless Setting option WPA/WP2 – Personal option.
  6. Select WPA2-PSK in version and AES in encryption.
  7. Enter your desired password in the PSK password option save the setting from below.
  8. Congrats you have successfully set up your wifi connection.

Our Verdict on TP-link login Setup

We have written a complete guide from the default password and username of TP-link router to setup router login and it’s wifi. If you stuck in any steps you can leave a comment below. This TP-link login guide sure helps in all your issue regarding your router setup. All the information above is checked and clarified bu the router experts. I hope you guys find it’s useful and share it with your friends in case of need.


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