Best Free Movie Streaming Sites

12 Best Free Movies Streaming Sites To Watch Movie & TV Shows

Everyone wants to watch movies to kill their time & who don’t want to watch free movies & Tv Shows at home. So for those who want to watch free movies without spending any dollar here your chance 12 Best Movies Streaming sites to watch free movies online.

These Sites Provides good quality movies & Tv Shows with the good sound quality you just need to use some good Internet speed connection on your device and you are all ready to watch your favorite movies & Tv Shows.

Now, these days everything is so easy to find Free music streaming, Streaming Movies is just one click away you just need to search for the right words that hit the right results. 

Some of the sites in this list are not available in all the region so you have to use the reliable VPN source to watch them.

So let’s Start talking about these Best Free Movies Streaming Sites & how to stream them all. These sites consist of thousands of movies to stream Online characterize into genres and ratings. So without any let’s get straight to Free Movies Streaming Sites.

12 Best Free Movies Streaming Sites


        1. Crackle

Crackle - Best Free Movie Streaming Site
Crackle – Best Free Movie Streaming Site
  • Cons: Old and recently released titles, Great UI, Offers app for all popular platforms.
  • Pros: Ad-supported; Limited to the US.

Crackle is the best Free Movies Streaming site owned by Sony Picture, It is an amazing source to watch unlimited movies. As I said the Crackle has numerous movies which you can enjoy watching in your spare time.

Talking about the user interface Crackle has a very easy user interface provides a great experience while your movies selection. They also create movies list according to move taste once you enjoy watching some movies. It provides all the new & the old movies in very good audio & Video quality. Afcorce Crackle has the adds like other movie streaming service but they don’t irritate that much. And Crackle is only available in the US so if you are not living there you have to use the VPN.

Crackle also provide the app to use in Android, Windows & Ios Device.

        2. Snag Films

Snag Films -- Best Free Movie Streaming Site
Snag Films – Best Free Movie Streaming Site
  • Cons: Missing mainstream titles.
  • Pros: No registration required; HD quality supported, Offers TV shows as well

Snag Fils is the Oldest yet the best Free Movies Streaming site you can find all kind of Documentaries here and in fact, you don’t have to create an account for that. You can also find the indie films and TV shows as well.

The Homepage od Snag Films have categories like Immigrant Stories, Political Battlegrounds, History Lessons, and Climate Change. While talking about the movies they don’t provide the latest stuff but there so many interesting stuff that you would love to watch. The movie & Tv Shows quality is awesome with some good sound too.

       3. Popcorn Flix

popcornflix - Best Free movie streaming Sites
Popcorn Flix – Best Free movie streaming Sites


  • Cons: Limited to the US
  • Pros: Classics and currently popular genres; Indies; B-list movies.

Popcorn Flix is yet another name when it comes to old classic movie streaming site. It has tons of classic movies with fewer new movies as it is widely popular for its old collection movie. Popcorn Flix currently was gone for an upgrade & become a dynamic yet very helpful user interface movies streaming site. Make your visit each section of the Popular flix and find out the best movies for you. This is a good way to discover new & interesting stuff to watch.

Some of the Popcorn flix movies are restricted to the US, so if you are not located there and still want to see them then you need to use VPN Service. Yeah, I know all the great stuff are only for the US but don’t worry and trust VPN.

       4. Tubi TV

TubiTV - Best Free Movies Streaming Website
TubiTV – Best Free Movies Streaming Website
  • Cons: Restricted to the US.
  • Pros: Over 8,000 titles; 300 content providers; Better UI

Tubi Tv is another unlimited source for watching movies whether they are New or old Tubi TV got your back. The home screen of the sites has a very user friendly interface so you can visit each and every section for any movies you are looking for. Some of the good & new movies are right on the feature section along with the sections like popular, comedy, and horror flicks.

Tubi Films has a large section for Independent movies and the old classic, So if you are the classic movie fan here you can find all the stuff for yourself. This website surely has numerous stuff to watch in your spare time. As the Tubi TV is also restricted to the US you need to right VPN Software to watch the movies & shows if you are not located in the US.

       5. Viewster

viewster-free movies streaming sites
Viewster free movies streaming sites

If you are a B movies fan then Viewster is gonna be your favorite movies streaming website. Viewster provides tons of B movies and widely popular because of that. Also, you don’t need to create an account to watch the movie. 

Viewmaster has a small library of B movies characterize covering various genres. Along with this It has it’s own original webisodes and they start investing more in this. These webisodes are very popular and getting a good response from the users. These webisodes are covering the anime, cosplay, and art in general genres.

Viewster is also on Playstore & all other platforms to cover all the audience.

     6. Classic Cinema Online

Classic-Cinema-Online - Best Free movies streaming sites
Classic-Cinema-Online – Best Free movies streaming sites
  • Cons: Some links no longer work.
  • Pros: High-quality video quality, TV shows offered as well

As the name indicates Classic Cinema Online is the website covering all kind of genres in Classis movies. This website is loved by all the old cinema lovers and also it is free of cost and provides good quality video quality with excellent Sound quality. 

In Classic Cinema Online you will see the various embedded video because this website is highly dependent on the third party website to host the movies. As long the host is going well you are also good to watch the stuff. Also, there is no registration required so all you have to visit the site and press the play button to enjoy your movie.

     7. Vudu

vudu-screen best movie streaming sites
vudu-screen best movie streaming sites
  • Cons: Restricted to the US
  • Pros: HD streaming, User Friendly UI,  Frequently updated

Vudu is one of the popular Premium Movies & Tv Shows Streaming website I guess you will hear about it and if not then you got a good source to watch very interesting movies & shows. You can find all the new & old movies & Tv shows here, the library is updated as soon after some time the new movies are released. 

You just have to create a free account that takes a few minutes and you can enjoy any movie you want. No matter which genre you are going through you always get something to watch. All the movies are in good Video quality with an occasional adds in while watching but it is not much irritating. Talking about the regional location Vudu is only available in the US, so if you are not located there you have to use good VPN app.

You can Also use Vudu app for a full time enjoyment anywhere.

       8. Pluto Tv

Pluto T - Best Movie Streaming Sites
Pluto T – Best Movie Streaming Sites


  • Cons: No on-demand content
  • Pons: Live Streaming Shows, Lots of Channel, Free of cost

Pluto Tv is one of the best live streaming sources on the internet. You can find all the Channels where you can watch movies, Tv shows & much more. It acts like your home television when you can watch numerous channels.

You just have to open Pluto Tv & you will all the channels on your home screen where you can watch movies, Tv Shows & all Live streamings. There is only one issue with this you can’t just watch any on-demand content on it. There is also restriction while watching live streaming content some of the channels are available region wise so if you want to watch them while you don’t belong to that region you have to switch fro VPN for sure.

Pluto Tv is available for Android & all device so that you can watch it anywhere.

      9. Movies Found Online

moviesfoundonline - Free Movie Streaming Sites
movies found onlinee – Free Movie Streaming Sites
  • Cons: Annoying Adds
  • Pros: Frequently updated; A huge movie library.

Movies Found Online is also a big a reliable source of watching movies online. All the movies are legal free & are cost-free you just have to land on the website to enjoy your free stuff. 

The Homepage does a pretty good job there all the genres of movies can be visible from there included the recently added movies. You can say they have an excellent user interface for the landing user. The can comments & give ratings so you got to know which movie is good & which isn’t before watching it. 

      10. Veoh

Veoh - Free movie streaming site
Veoh – Free movie streaming site
  • Cons: Some links are not working
  • Pros: Great Filter, Huge Collection of Movies

Veoh is the another best movies & tv streaming source where you can watch new & old movies as well as the popular Tv shows on demand. Most of the content of the Veoh are from the third parties like youtube.

This website also provides the good user interface you can see all the categories like Movies, Tv Shows, Music, Channel and more at the top navigation of the website. Except for the fact some of the links of the website is not working, the website provides the good source of streaming movies & Tv shows. And yeah you have to face some adds to but as I said it not gonna create much trouble.

      11. Hotstar

Hotstar- Free movie streaming sites
Hotstar- Free movie streaming sites
  • Cons: Restricted to India
  • Pros: Great User Interface, No registration required, Offer Live Streaming.

Hotstar is also a live streaming content source just like Pluto Tv on this list and this website is also considered as one of the best sources of streaming live content on the internet. About the regional restriction, Hotstar is only restricted to India and has all kind of Indian serial, movies and a great section for watching sports matches. 

Hotstar also has a premium section where you can watch it without any adds & some premium restricted shows & movies too. This website has an Android, Ios & Windows application and gets huge traffic in the time of Sports match (mostly Cricket) & Game of Thrones for premium users.

While talking about the user interface the hey have a very easy user interface with excellent video quality & audio quality.

     12. Top Documentary Films

top documentary films - Free movie streaming sites
top documentary films – Free movie streaming sites
  • Cons: Can access Only Documentary
  • Pons: Legal source of movies, Tons Movies,  Accessible via any device

Top Documentary Films as the name indicates the best Documentary films source on the Internet. They provide the most reliable & legal free movies without any cost. They have a huge directory of movies which you can watch in your spare times.

When you landed on the Homepage of Top Documentary Films you can tiles with some good films and the subcategory which you can find on the top navigation of the website. All the movies are characterized on the basis of their genres so that anybody can easily found them.They provides good quality of video as well as sound quality.

Our Verdict On Best Free Movies Streaming Sites

Streaming movies are the new trend, you see all the friends are talking about the movies & the web series so here they provide this to you at free cost. You can say they are the Alternatives of Youtubes cause you can watch them for free. These are the best free movies streaming sites on which you can watch free movies & Tv Shows you just have to pick one and enjoy your spare times. So lets comment which Freee movies streaming site you are gonna stream & also tells us which one are you using right now. Also, you can tell us which we left in our list we love to hear that from you in our comments sections.



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