Samsung The Wall -A 146 Inches Modular Tv Announced By Samsung

Samsung The Wall: Future of televisions Ces 2018 is a huge gathering of many giants and tech industries to showcase their gadgets and latest techs. Some cool gadgets launched in CES 2018 are Sony Aibo, HiMirrior. Many Tv was launched but Samsung The Wall is the only Tv which stole all the appreciations. Samsung launched the world first 146 inches modular … Read more

HiMirror a much need beauty product you all need to Have

HiMirror Review and Features HiMirror is one of the few Beauty gadgets launched in the Ces 2018. A lot of other cool gadgets were also launched at CES 2018 like Sony Aibo, Samsung The Wall and much more. HiMirror is beauty tech which helps you a lot in your skin caring and protection. We personally experience this product form some … Read more

Baidu Announces a Mysterious Speaker and Two Robots


Baidu Announces a Mysterious Speaker and Two Robots The Real Reason for hiring Coursera co-founder Andrew Ngas as a Chief scientist came to light when Baidu announces two techs a Mysterious Speaker and two robots on Thursday. Andrew Ngas joined Baidu in 2014 and Resigned in Early this Year on 3 March 2017 Baidu used … Read more