HiMirror a much need beauty product you all need to Have

HiMirror Review and Features

HiMirror is one of the few Beauty gadgets launched in the Ces 2018. A lot of other cool gadgets were also launched at CES 2018 like Sony Aibo, Samsung The Wall and much more. HiMirror is beauty tech which helps you a lot in your skin caring and protection. We personally experience this product form some weeks and come up this Himirrior review.

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What is HiMirror?

HiMirror is the smart mirror which scans your face and looks for wrinkles, dark spot, red spot, fine lines, pores. It also helps you to track whether your skin cream is helping you out or not. It also recommends you various skincare suitable for your skin.

This smart mirror keeps updating itself the tiny change in your skin to track your skin goals. You can also all get detail about any skincare product by just scanning its barcode with HiMirriors camera before using it.

HiMirror is 11-by-16.5 inches long and can be placed on the mirror or on the wall near the plug point. It is humidity resistant and can be used even your hands are even wet.

HiMirror includes some of the standard smart mirror features, like displaying the local weather, syncing to your Google calendar or playing Spotify. It even includes facial and voice-recognition capabilities which work with the support of Amazon Alexa digital assistance.

Himirror review

First Impression

When I help Himirrior it fell comfortable in holding as you can easily carry on in your bag. Just a mini seconds a saw my face on Himirror it scan my face and tells me that I some pimples on the right side face and my dark circles can be grown. I was shocked how can it that be right it also tells me that the cream I am using (sorry can’t tell its name) is useless. It shows a complete report and also suggests which type of cream I need to use according to my screen.

HiMirrior vs HiMirrior Plus

The difference between HiMirrror and HiMirrior Plus is the smart ambient feature which creates five different lighting scenarios like outside on a sunny day, sunset and party venue. These effects help you to apply perfect makeup according to the light and the occasion. With plus you can enjoy the benefits of using six accounts, You can also get the expanded photo storage space i.e HiMirrior gives you a space of  1400 while HiMirrior  Plus gives you a storage space of 2000 Photo.

HiMirrior Price and Release date

HiMirror is officially launched Internationally, The price of Himirrior is 299$ and the price of HiMirrior Plus is 369$. It soon goona available in India too.

Personal Verdict

HiMirrior is the must-have Beauty products for all the women and girls out there. It protects and covers your skin from all type of damages by notifying and guiding you at the right time. Having this is better than having a dozen of other skin care products.


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