Admin Login Page, Password, Username Settings

router login

In this guide, we will explore everything you need to know about the Admin Login Page, including how to access it, configure your login credentials, and manage various settings. Url: Username: admin Password: admin/password Note: For Password try admin first. If admin doesn’t work then try password. If this doesn’t work then it … Read more

The Ultimate Guide on How to Setup Netgear Router

netgear router setup

How can you setup Netgear router? Setting up a Netgear router is a crucial step in establishing a seamless and secure network connection in your home or office. With the right guidance, configuring your Netgear router can be a straightforward process that ensures reliable internet access. In this guide, we will walk you through the … Read more

How to find your Router IP Address

Finding Router IP Address Finding the IP of your router is the very first step you need to do right after you tuned On your router. You can find your default IP address right here in this post. Your IP address consists of four sets of numbers including the dots. Most of the common IP … Read more

Best Gadgets and Apps to improve your picture quality

gadgets to improve picture quality

Photo apps and gadgets help to improve picture quality and give photos a professional look. They aren’t all created equal, and some are better than others. Many online stores and websites are providing excellent tips on the right apps and gadgets to use for every moment. Today it is easy to improve photo quality and … Read more

192.168.01 Admin login with Username & Password Router login

if you can’t login IP address of your router then we have a detailed guide for you. We also shared the default username and password for your router. This login IP helps you to login to your router and access important functions like Establishing Wifi and parental control. Some of the famous router … Read more