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192.168.01 Admin login with Username & Password

if you can’t login IP address of your router then we have a detailed guide for you. We also shared the default username and password for your router.

This login IP helps you to login to your router and access important functions like Establishing Wifi and parental control.

Some of the famous router brands like D-Link, Linksys, 3Com, and TP-Link router use Ip.


Username – admin

Password – admin IP Username & Password?

This is one of the standard IP to access the router admin panel in most of the router brands. You can check the router password at the back of the router or you can check our post on Default router Password and Username.

Well usually for IP the username is Admin and the password is Admin but you if you can confirm it with your router manufacturer.

If you access your admin page with IP address then try, and IP address. These are also the most used IP address.

Router NameIP AddressUsernamePassword

How to login to

If your default router IP is then you can easily log in to your router admin panel. You can manage your router setting and access to the features you never used. Here how to login in

1. Check if your website is connected to your router or not.
2. Make sure the router is connected to your device.
3. Open any browser in your device like Opera, Chrome, Firefox.
4. Enter IP in your browser address box and click enter.
5. Make sure to write your default username and password of your router.
6. Once you enter the username and password you successfully log into your router admin panel.

Forgot IP Address Username & Password

Well if you are gonna login to your router for the first time then you can just use the default credential from above and follow the login steps and access to your admin panel.

If you forgot your username & password then you have to reset your router by press the router reset button. You can find the button on the back of your router usually it’s inside a hole. You have to use a pointed object maybe a pen to press the button for 5-10 seconds.

After the clean reset, you can just login with the default username and password of your router.

What if you IP address is not

Yeah, there is some chance if your IP is not but you still trying. If in the first attempt haven’t redirected you to router login form then try other IP like, or You can also check your IP address from the back of your router.

There is a white slip behind your router in which your IP address, the default username, and the password are printed. You can check your router IP address manually by using Command Prompt (CMD).

What if you still can’t access login Page?

Check whether your router is on and connected to your page.
Make sure you have entered the correct IP to the browser.
Check with some other browser and recheck the browser.
Make sure you have entered the correct username and password.
Reset your router and try to login with default login credentials.
If anything doesn’t work contact the manufacturer of your router.

What can do after login with

1. You can Change Wireless settings
2. Create a new Dial-Up connection with your router
3. Block adult or useless websites using the Parental control option.
4. You can Create new DSL connections.
5. Can Improve your security settings for not getting hacked
6. Proper Validate SSID settings
7. Change the network’s or routers name
8. You can change the username and password of your router
9. Set-up and configure DNS for proper connection.
10. You can change your wireless password.
11. Set up a new port for gaming or any other purpose

Final Summary

In this post, I have shared the default username and password, and login instructions. We have discussed every point and FAQ about the IP address. You can ow login in to the admin panel of without any issues. If you still have some issues then contact us we love to share your queries.



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