5 Elements and Work of Interior Designer

Element of Interior Design

If you are in the habit of incorporating innovation into your life, you must have come across interior designing to upgrade the interiors for a trendy luxurious; lifestyle. It is an art of propagating style, passion, creativity under the roof of a single heading. You can invest in this domain either by involving innovation (Interior … Read more

5 Pro Tips to Use on Flipkart App

Use flipkart

Shopping on Flipkart is one of the easiest ways to purchase anything in a jiffy and get what you want. The online discounts are really amazing and you get to save loads of money with online shopping. However, the best part is that you do not need to use your credit card for EMI shopping … Read more

7 Best Free CRM Software For Startups And Small Business

Best Free CRM Software

What Is CRM Software? CRM (Customer Relation Management) software is a category of software which is designed to help and manage the business of the Company. It is used by the Various enterprise or a business of any size. Now these days Small Business or even Startup uses CRM (Customer Relation Management) to work whole business in … Read more

Here all you need to know about Sophia the Robot


 About Sophia The Robot Sophia is the female robot invented by Hanson Robotics Ltd. A company who is famous for inventing genius, expensive and human type robots. On 25 October 2017, Sophia became a citizen of Saudi Arabia, the first robot to get the citizenship in any country. Her words after achieving the citizenship “I am very … Read more

Sony Aibo Robot Dog, Price, Launch Date, Full Details & Description


Sony Surprisingly launched  Aibo robot dog In ongoing Ces 2018. Aibo first launched in May 1999 and shuts down in 2014. Sony did some change and made the New Aibo the robot dog. It was unexpected thing form Sony it’s like the same when Baidu also announced its Mysterious speaker. Also, see our post  Sophia the Robot: the First robot  … Read more