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Putlocker Alternatives – Best Sites like Putlocker 2024

Every person wants to watch free movies at HD quality in free time but he can watch. There is a lot of source on the internet to watch free movies as well as you can download them for free. But some of these are not as reliable as they look or they are or some of them are worthy but never get visited. Well, the main problem some websites are high above the ranking but are inactive or garbage movie streaming sites.

Putlocker you all heard this name right well it is one of the most liable sources of streaming movies but recently this movie streaming giant is banned or stopped working so some of the regular users are worried about where to go for streaming & downloading movies. So here is your answer to the best Putlocker Alternatives to watch & download free HD movies. We have curated a list of all Sites like Putlocker just for you.

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What Is Putlocker?

Putlocker is a giant movie streaming site that provided all kinds of movies whether it is the latest or old in HD quality and free of cost. This movie streaming site provides all kinds of genres movie in almost all the languages. All the other streaming sites are not even close to Putlocker the user interface this website has provided is up to the next level than other websites.

This streaming site has movies from Hollywood, Cinema of China, Cinema of France, Bollywood as well as from other country movies. All kind of movies is available in Putlocker that why this site has billion of traffic and love from so many online movie seekers.

Whereas this biggest giant Putlocker is currently not working and we have some other alternatives so that you can get the best experience for sure. So let’s go for the sites like Putlocker.

Top Putlocker Alternatives Sites 2020

1. Putlocker.kz

Putlocker Alternatives

This Putlocker website is the mirror website of the official Putlocker Website that why it is one of the best Putlocker alternatives because it provides the same user interface like the official Pulocker has. You get all the movies in HD quality whether it old or new this Putlocker website provides all the movies you want. This movie streaming site has all the movies curated in various genres and language. This Putlocker is quite popular as it also provides all kind of Tv Series whether it is new or old. All famous Tv Series and movies are available here.

2. Putlockerhd.cc

Putlocker Alterntives

This is another Similar website from the official Putlocker website that provides a great user interface just like the official website does. This Putlocker website also has a huge collection of movies from old to the latest one. All the movies are characterized on the basis of Genre & IMDB rating so that any user can easily avail for their favorite movies. There is also a section entirely for watching TV series in which all kinds of web series in almost all genres and languages. This Putlocker is a site like Putlocker official that’s why it is more famous.

3. FMovies 

Putlocker Alternatives

FMovies is considered as one of the best Putlocker alternatives you can visit this website to stream the movie online in HD quality. This site is one of the popular sources that can provide the latest movie in Hd quality if you are a regular user then you know its worth. All the movies are curated in the category such as genre, country, release, IMDB, and Tv Series. You have to suffer from some add disturbance but if you don’t want to see adds than you can go for their premium plans. FMovies are the movies & tv series hub if you never visit it then you should because I guarantee you this you first visit will last you at least 1 hr.

4. All123 Movies

Putlocker Alternatives

All123 Movies is the giant movie streaming site but this is a mirror site of 123 Movies but actually doing well. This website provides a lot of features like if you leave a movie in the middle of something and then after you go back and then start the movie again you will automatically play were you left last time. The movie comprises of all genres of movies & Tv shows and you can’t find any difference between this & the original site. Talking about the user interface these 123 Movies provide the great user interface and when you are watching a movie you will get lots of similar videos option around isn’t this cool?

5. SolarMovies

Putlocker Alternatives

I guess you already heard of this movie streaming site before this is one of the biggest movie streaming sites on the internet. The toughest beatable Putlocker alternative if someone asks from me is Solar Movies. This movie streaming giant website provides a search bar to search for searching for any movie or Tv series from its the database. You can get any language movie whether it’s English, French, Germany, Spanish or Hindi from this website. The site becomes more and more popular as they actively provide the latest movies & Tv-series to its huge fan base. Yes, they do show adds in video or on the website but so does everyone if you want to see add free movies than you can use add blocker with it.

6. Popcornflix

Putlocker alternatives

Yet another best Putlocker alternative and one of the biggest database movies & Tv-series streaming site on the internet. Popcornflix is also popular of providing documentary movies as well, With the help of Screen Media Popcornflix can provide the endless movies free movies & Tv Shows. It provides a better user interface where you can easily look for your favorite movies. The movies are customized in categories such as most popular movies and new arrivals, genre, name, and others. The main thing that’s makes Popcornflix ahead from other movies Putlocker alternative is that they don’t show any ads.

7. Niter

sites like putlocker

Let just talk about the Top Putlocker alternatives and here comes the biggest competition of others Niter. You all familiar with Netflix the user interface of Niter is almost identical to the movie streaming giant Netflix. The website also provides the search box so you can search for any movie title and Tv shows thus it makes Niter one of the best user interface providing streaming movie site. The homepage mainly consists of newly added movies or you can say the latest movies. The best part about Niter is it doesn’t sow many adds like other movie streaming sites does make it off the topmost Putlocker alternatives.

8. Go Movies

Go Movies

Go Movies is also considered as one of the best Putlocker alternatives where all the latest movies can be updated regularly. This website shares the same database that the 123 movies use so you will get the same movie here too. It is the most reliable source to get the latest movies & Tv series in HD quality. Talking about the user interface Go Movies has a very simple user interface so you don’t find any trouble in finding your favorite movie. They also provide a request section so that you can request the desired movie you want to want.

9. SnagFilms

Snag Films

Snag Films has the smaller database but it is yet considered as one of the best Putlocker alternatives if you ask. This website is quite popular as it similar to the Putlocker but consist of only three category and not so many movies. The Snag Films is designed in that way if you watch a particular movie all the similar genre movies will get you in suggestion list. You can easily find more similar movies to your favorite movies within a few clicks. Snagfilms also provide the media sharing feature with the movie info and trailer of the movie option.

10. MegaShare

Sites like Putlocker
Sites like Putlocker

MegaShare has also considered as one of the best movie streaming site as well as the Top Putlocker website you can find on the internet. This website has a very customized user interface with some adds on the website that will hinder your path. The adds might not be big trouble as the quality that MegaShare provides is off the mark. MegaShare is one of the best Putlocker Similar websites you just only need to search for your favorite movie and your work is done.

11. TinklePad


Tinkle Pad is also a great alternative to the giant Putlocker website that provides extremely good quality movies at HD quality. Talking about the user interface TinklePad has also a clean user interface so that the user gets to search any movies within ease. You will get a small search bar to search for any movies on the top right corner and the movies are curated in categories such as Genre, New Release, Tv Series, Top IMDB. Well, the fact that TinklePad provides the best user interface they also provide a download link for downloading movie below all the movie video.

12. Hulu

hulu app

Hulu is somehow also a great Putlocker similar website to watch movies but the only reason we have put this site in the last as it is a paid movie streaming website. You just have to pay a penny of the monthly amount to enjoy the service. The add free high definition streaming is what Hulu provides you in return of the amount you pay. They have a partnership with the other studios so that they can provide you with the latest movies and Tv shows right after the release. Hulu is currently only available in the USA but if you are an outsider but still want to stream Hulu than you can use the best VPN

Our Verdict On Best Putlocker Alternatives

So these are the alternatives or similar sites like Putlocker you can stream any language of all genre movies in HD quality from any of the websites. Some of the websites are updated regularly & some of them take time to update so pick your one. There are few websites which are popular in Tv series and some for movies in HD quality.

Note: These sites address are regularly updating and so does we, So just keep visiting us to get the best movie streaming & downloading sites.

So just comment for your favorite movies streaming Putlocker alternative website or tell us which movie streaming website you are using or you will gonna use.


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