Samsung The Wall -A 146 Inches Modular Tv Announced By Samsung

Samsung The Wall: Future of televisions

Ces 2018 is a huge gathering of many giants and tech industries to showcase their gadgets and latest techs. Some cool gadgets launched in CES 2018 are Sony Aibo, HiMirrior. Many Tv was launched but Samsung The Wall is the only Tv which stole all the appreciations.

Samsung launched the world first 146 inches modular Tv leaving all its rivals behind him. With the big 146 inches modular Tv you can enhance the beauty of your home.

The Korean giant which is planning to launch something big comes up with the really big thing I mean its rival LG launched just a 86 inch OLED display Tv. You can clearly see the difference between them.

Samsung The Wall everything you Need to Know

Samsung The wall Price and Release date in India

There is no official announcement of release date and price rate of  The Wall in India but an insider just confirms that Samsung is currently doing its best to provide The Wall in India soon.

Samsung The Wall Specification and Features

Samsung The Wall is 146 inch with microlLED features which delivers incredible definition without restriction of size. According to Samsung, It is very durable and power efficient too. The MicroLED technology features help it to eliminate the outer lights or backlight and provides an ultimate watching experience to the customer.

Samsung said The wall has a bezel-less design, ie the customer can set its size and shape to suit their purposes. According to what we saw in Ces 2018 presentation, it can be resized to 100 inches. The screen is very adaptive and can to be used for different purposes.

Samsung The Wall: Our Verdict

Unless not Knowing about the price but we can easily tell it is the future of Tv set by Samsung The Wall. They are far ahead of their Rivals and set a perfect benchmark for others. The MicroLED technology is good and hard but I Samsung is working on something big and you can see it in a couple of months. From The Wall, you can easily imagine where our future is taking us.


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