Baidu Announces a Mysterious Speaker and Two Robots

Baidu Announces a Mysterious Speaker and Two Robots

The Real Reason for hiring Coursera co-founder Andrew Ngas as a Chief scientist came to light when Baidu announces two techs a Mysterious Speaker and two robots on Thursday.

Andrew Ngas joined Baidu in 2014 and Resigned in Early this Year on 3 March 2017

Baidu used its own annual event to announced the speaker Raven H and two mini robots Raven R and Raven Q.

Baidu added a New race in the smart home market with these tech created in a new startup Raven which it buys Earlier this year.

Raven build these with its partner Teenage Engineering which deals in hardware design business.It also has components from Danish high-end audio systems maker Tymphany.

The Raven H bearly resembles a speaker but it faces tough competition from Amazon eco and google home.

The smart speaker  Raven H will be available for purchase in December for about 1,699 yuan ($256)

The Raveh h comes with a LED touch screen which is removable. IT also has a  stack to use as a voice-based remote that connects with Baidu-Raven’s series of home devices.

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 Raven R

The device Raven R will cost RMB 1,699 ($256). It should be announced in next month but there are no international plans for its international launch.

Baidu’s two home robots are also part of today’s news, but neither is ready for sale yet.

The most developed is the Raven R, which looks like its perfect smart tech.

The robot includes multi joints which allow it to move based on commands from its user and it has the ability to “express emotions to enhance the interactive experience.”

Raven Q

Then there’s the mysterious Raven Q, which remains in development.

All that Baidu says that it has localization and mapping (SLAM), computer vision, voice recognition and natural language processing.”

There’s no pricing or estimated launch date for either robot.

Cheng Lyu the founder of Raven who now heads up Baidu’s Intelligent Hardware Unit described them as a glimpse of what is to come.

“These smart speakers and AI home robot may sound like a small step in the history of technology — but they will help people’s everyday lives and bring them an experience once only seen in sci-fi movies,” Lyu said in a statement.


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