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Best Kodi Addons For Movies,Tv Shows,Sports 2024

If you are searching for Best Kodi Addons for 2019 than you have landed on the right page. We have the best working Kodi addons that you can use for free to enjoy free streaming and the entertainment you deserve without wasting any time.

There are many websites present with the information about Kodi addon but we have 100% working Kodi addons which all of them are lacking behind. We have researched on Best Kodi addons up to months and then we came up these results.

For security purpose, some of the Kodi addons is not secured as they provide some movies or music content. This content is somehow not legal so you have to use Vpn to stream it securely. We recommend you to use Expressvpn as it is reliable and most trusted VPN.

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What is Kodi Addons?

best kodi addons
Best kodi addons

According to wikipedia Kodi is an open source media player developed by XBMC to play & view any media like movies, tv shows, Podcasts, and music. It is a specially designed software to use with television & remote control.

Kodi addons are like app you can install this addons to perform the different activity. With the help of these Kodi addons you can stream movies, Tv Shows, Live Tv, Sports Channel, Music & more. There are two kinds

of Kodi addons present the official Kodi addons & the unofficial Kodi addons.

Top Kodi Addons in 2019

While there are numerous Kodi addons on the internet but some are working or some not that’s what exactly happened with these top addons like Rising, Genesis Reborn, Placenta, Uranus, Neptune. These addons are just ended in the last few months.

Well don’t be so sad we just created a list of Top free best Kodi addons only for you guys these included addons on which you can watch free movies, Tv shows, Sports, Stream Music and more. These are a reliable source so you can watch them without any worry.

We have characterized this post on 90 best Kodi addons on the basic of Best Kodi addons in 2019, Best Movie addons, Best Sports addons, Best Kodi addons for Anime, Best Koi Addons for Streaming music and more.

Top 10 Best Kodi Addons 2019


Exodus is considered as one of the best Kodi addons and also widely popular addon. This is a great addon and you can’t find any other best alternatives like this. Exodus is quite popular in providing movies & tv show you just have to select for what to watch. Beside this Exodus also provide Televisions channel so you can watch the latest movies & serials as soon as they aired. If you are a movie fan than you surely gonna like Exodus addon.

As there are still some news that the Exodus addons is been stopped but recently a new developer has joined this and providing all his effort for making this no one Kodi addon.


Covenant is yet another best Kodi addons you can use and it pretty useful you will get all the movies & Tv shows as you want. It is one of the old yet popular Kodi addons that is loved by many Kodi lovers. The developer of this addons has stopped working on this addons but these Kodi addons is been loved by all the movies & Tv shows streaming addons.

Covenant is the big addons & provides a lot of subcategories but it yet has the very easy navigation so that the user can easily drive to stream movies & shows. These movies are characterized on the basis of genres, popularity, languages, and more in their featured subcategories.


Nemesis is also considered as the top Kodi addons and it also has widely content mainly Movies, Tv Shoes & all sports related content. There are the three large categories where content is updated every day. Apart from these Nemesis also has music, audiobooks, cartoons, and anime so that you don’t have to go for other addons. The Nemesis is a complete addons providing a lot of stuff if you explore these categories you will sure find out why Nemesis is considered as the best Kodi addons.

While this addons is going for updates from several months so that it can provide you with some good features with the great content makes these addons a great Kodi addon.

The Magic Dragon

The Magic Dragon is also a popular best Kodi addon used by many Kodi user. This Kodi addon provides the variety of content and it is newly released Kodi addons but due to it performance it considered as top most Kodi addons. The Magic dragons provide a lot more content like Movies, Tv shows, Sports, & Tv channel. Apart from this they also have adult content which is widely popular among users. There is so much to learn about The Magic Down as they have the largest library filled with movies, Tv shows and much more that always keeps on updating. So that’s is the main reasons why The Magic Down is considered as one of the best active Kodi addon.

Exodus Redux

Exodus Redux which is prior known for Exodus is a best Kodi Addons of all the time. This Kodi addons provide so many contents that the other addons are lacking for. This Kodi addon is quietly popular for providing Movies, Tv shows, Sports shows and more. The user interface of this addons locks very similarly to the previous Exodus and you can browse content on the basis of genre, languages, rating & more. The quality is the key factor of the exodus Redux as it provides high quality streaming links so that you can enjoy your favorite show with fun.


Yoda is the yet another best Kodi Addons that database & user interface is just the Exodus Redux that means they provide the same content like Exodus Redux provides. Yoda is the new Kodi addons and it becomes quite popular in 2019 as it provides some great content.

It offers Movies, tv shows, characterized in various categories & subcategories you can surf the content on the basis of genres, languages, certificates, popularity and much more. The user interface is very friendly you will get everything very easily. Apart from this Yoda also provide the Documentaries and quick access of all the popular categories on the home screen.


Incursion is also the most loved Kodi addons which become widely popular because of the content quality. This Kodi addon is also identified as the famous Kodi addon Exodus. They both provide the best user interface and variety of content.

Talking about the content the Incursion provides Movies & Tv shows that are nicely curated in the respective categories. These movies & Tv shows on these categories can be filtered on the basis of Popularity, genres, language and more. The Incursion provides the best buffering free experience you will get on any Kodi addons with almost all working links in it’s the library.

Maverick Tv

Maverick Tv is been active for a long time and providing their reliable services to all the users. This addons is better than any other Kodi addons and offers a lot of varieties for streaming.

This Kodi addon is quietly providing all the newest movies & tv shows and it’s an all in one package addon. Maverick Tv offer services like movies, TV shows, IPTV, live-streams, sports, and almost anything. They provide almost all working links with Hd quality and regularly monitoring them as well.


Gen-x is almost identical to the Maverick if you use Maverick previously than you loved this addon as well. This is also an all in one addons that provide you with all the content like Movies, Tv shows, Sports and more in almost all HD quality.

Gen-x is a new addon but still, it counts in the best Kodi Addons as they provide the quality content. The addons have characterized in further subcategories so it’s easy to find any content on this addon. Well, these are the qualities of this addons makes it one of the best Kodi addons for Movies.

Movie Theater Butter

Movie Theater Butter is a much lovable Kodi addon as it the clone of the much popular addon Exodus. The best part about this Kodi Addons as it automatically starts playing the content leaving out all the fake links and all other problems. This addon gained much popularity in 2019 as it has the unique function irrespective of the user interface.

This addon is the must use addons and you can use to enjoy free movie & tv shows stream. It is also connected to the third parties service provider to bring the more fresh content as soon as it aired.

Best Kodi Addons For Streaming Movies

Best Kodi addons for movies
Best Kodi addons for movies

These Kodi addons are the free base which provides the fresh Tv Shows & Movie Streaming. We have just listed the topmost working addons for streaming movies so you don’t have to worry. These Kodi addons widely popular for providing the best movie streaming experience, So let’s just start the list.


Exodus is the best Kodi addons for getting streaming latest Movies & Tv shows for free. This addon provides the content from the third parties sites and quietly popular for that. You will always get a lot of fresher content in this addons as it regularly updating as soon as the TV shows or movies are aired.

There are many clones of this addons is presented on the Internet as it the most popular and widely use addons. Apart from movies this addons also offer Tv shows, Sports, Anime, Live Tv and much more to stream.

Tubi Tv

Tubi Tv is the popular legal free movie streaming addons that also popular for providing the latest Tv shows. This addon has more than thousand of movies & tv shows to stream at HD quality. But there is sad news that the Tubi. Tv is only available in some region so for other you can use the unofficial Tubi Tv addons or use Vpn to bypass the geo restrictions.

Tubi Tv consist of thousand Movies & Tv shows characterized in the respective categories like genre, Language, rating, and further characterized into the more further category. You can stream all these movies & tv shows with great ease.

FilmOn Simple

FilmOn Simple provides popular educational movies so it more worthful if you want to stream some useful content. Apart from educational movies it also has Documanties and lives Tv Channels.

FilmOn Simple is the simple yet a more niche relevant Kodi addon you use if you like more Indie content. There are more than 40 categories on this addon where you can find more interesting stuff. There is also a special category FilmOn Simple to find a new and interesting movie.

Click Here

Click Here is the best Kodi addon which is loved by many Kodi users as it has more variety of content. This addon is becoming popular day by day because it’s is all in one movie streaming addons.

Apart from movies & Tv shows Click Here also provides Sports & live Tv shows content makes it one of the loved all in one addon. This addon is characterized into so many categories and subcategories and you can also search your favorite content on the basis of Genre, Popularity & language. This is best alternatives to the.


Filmrise certainly becoming one of the popular Kodi Addons from the past year. It gains popularity as soon as it delivering new & fresh content before any else addons do.

The process of installing the Filmrise is very easy as well as it has a very easy user interface. All the categories can be easily visited within a few clicks. The movies are characterized in a manner way and be search from genre, rating, language and more. Apart from this Filmrise is widely popular for providing Indie content.

Entertain Me

Entertain Me is the new addon but general getting more popular now these days because they provide some great service. This addons only allow trusting worthy third party links so you can almost all working links in this addons.

Entertains offers movies & tv shows that was just aired and it is very popular for providing them. You can cleck the latest stuff in the latest category and the top content in the top category. Apart from this Entertain Me provides the very simple layout so that you can find each& every on it.

The Kratos

The Kratos is the last best Kodi addons for movies but not the least it also capable of providing some great content. This addon is popular for offering a variety of movies & tv shows in different genre & language. This addon is built upon Exodus code so you will find the same navigation here too.

The best part about The Kratos is that the smooth interface that it provides so that you can find any movie on this addons. The content is characterised into the various category in then it’s subcategory so that you will find any content with ease.

Best Kodi AAddons for Sports

Best Kodi addons for sports
Best Kodi addons for sports

Kodi provides an enriching experience for Sports lover, So if you are a sports lover than you are in the right place. We have arranged some great Kodi Sports addons only for you guys. These Sports Kodi addons provide some great experience without any buffering.

Red Bull Tv

Have you heard about this Kodi addon Red Bull tv, this is the official Kodi addon provides some great Sports streaming experience that you never have seen before. This is one of the best Kodi addons for Sports.

Red Bull Tv offers live T Channels and some great on-demand video just free of cost. They have a huge database where you can find a lot of on demand content and live Tv channel for sure. Red Bull Tv has the relevant source to provide the sports streaming so that you always find something to play.

Planet MMA

Planet MMA is a popular Kodi addon as it provides the UFC & Mixed Martial arts content more than any other Kodi addons. This is one of the best Kodi addons for sports and loved by many sports lovers.

This is a pretty interesting addon you will find some great Sports addons here which you can stream for ours. There are more than 30 categories of sports niche and it’s one of the biggest collection of sports on the internet. Apart from this, you can also watch some great live streaming shows, on-demand videos, PPV events an much more.

Pac-12 Network

Well if you haven’t found your favorite Sports addons than here is your something for you Pac-12 Network. This Kodi addon has 6 channel under it to provide all the best sports content to you directly.

Pac-12 Network is the best Kodi addons for streaming sports content they have a variety of channel from which you can find any sports content in Full HD quality without any cost. What’s more, can you acess from any other sports addons. If you are a true sports lover than you are going to love this Kodi addon.

Fox Sports Go

Fox Sports Go has it’s own name when it comes to best sports Kodi addons for sports. You can find any sports league in this Kodi addons in full HD without any buffering. This Kodi addon is only available in America so you have to use Vpn to stream its content.

Fox Sports Go also have a news section where you can stream new related content on a daily basis. They also provide the On-demand videos and live streaming so you don’t have to anywhere. This Kodi addon is the all in one Kodi addon so you will get all the stuff related to sports here.

Best Kodi Addons for Live Tv

Best Kodi addons for Live Tv
Best Kodi addons for Live Tv

cCloud Tv

cCloud Tv is one of the most loved Live Tv Kodi addon, it simply has a large section of almost 20 category but from out testing we found out only 10 of the top most category are regularly updating and also the major category.  So we recommend you to only Visit those categories.

cCloud Tv is one of the Top kodi addon for streaming Live Tv as it is providing 100 of working links so you watch your favourite serial anytime in HD quality. This Kodi addons becomes popular from the past Six months as it provides the best user interface as well as the content.

BBC iPlayer WWW

BBC iPlayer WWW is also the most loved sports addon as you already know BBC has one of the most popular Tv shows. These shows are great but ht only problem is that you can only use this addon in United Kingdom or you have to use VPN.

This Kodi addons has some great Documentaries, Movies, and some great TV series just waiting for you to intall this addons. Well this Kodi addons is moe about BBC so if you really like BBC shows than you really gonna loves this addon.

Channel Pear

Channel Pear is the big name when it comes to streaming live tv channel in HD quality. Apart from this it also provides more TV channels so you can watch all other great stuffs too.

This Kodi addons Channel pear offers numerous of Sports channels, Music channels, Tv shows and other. You can stream all these channels at HD quality without buffering. The user interface is very simple as well as the installation also does. Just take a second and you can stream your favourite content.

Jupiter IPTV

The last on our list is Jupiter IPTV it is mostly a regional channel and it’s from Balkans so it mostly provides content from Serbia and Croatia. But the facts that made any difference it also have a category where you can watch the internationals content.

There are hundreds of working links where you can stream HD content. We recommends you this addon as all the links in this addon is working fine so it you are in Balkans than it is a plus point. If not then you still have the international category.

Tv One+

Well haven’t you find a great addon to stream Live streaming well here is your chance try Tv One+ and you will know why it is worth a try. I really like the simplicity and user interface of this kodi addon.

First you to have to create a account and approved it from the creator. They do this so that provide content only to the serious user and to less the spam. Once it accepted you can stream the endless link from the trusted third parties in HD quality..

Best Kodi Addons for Tv Shows

Best Kodi Addons for Tv shows
Best Kodi Addons for Tv shows


Deceit is one of the best loved Kodi Addons for Tv shows and it quit popular for providing all fresh content that you can’t see on other addons. This is addon but it is making a big name in the Tv shows addons by providing some good features & content.

This is addons is a hub providing varies content like movies, tv shows, sports, news, anima, radio station and podcast as well. You can also add Real Debrid & Trakt account for more functionality. These all feature make this one of the best Kodi addons for Tv shows.

UK Turk’s Playlist

Uk Turk is one of the oldest kodi you can find that is still active and provide numerous of content in HD quality. This addon is regularly updated the latest links as well as fix the non working links.

The layout is what attracts the most they have all the links in the grid mostly movies & tv shows from Uk & Turky. There is also some space for the Comedy & International sections, when you can always find something to watch. The only thing that make this addons a little low is that it needs a code on every four hour.

Best Kodi Addons For Anime, Cartoons, Kids

Best Kodi addons for Cartoons, Kids, Anime
Best Kodi addons for Cartoons, Kids, Anime

HootLoop 2

Hootloop is one of the best Kodi addons for streaming content for kids. There are hundreds of links for movies, tv shows, Cartoons, Bed Time stories On demand movies and Live Tv you will always find something o watch for any aged kid. These shows & movies are curated in different categories and subcategories.

This addons is a complete package for any small kid although some of the links are not working but still these addons has comprised enough to be a good kid addon

ToonMania 2

You have heard about this right, Toon Mania is the best Kodi addon for Cartoon & Anime. You can get a variety of cartoons here, It has the biggest Collection of Kid content from any other addons.

The user interface seems to be really user friendly you can almost visit each and every category & sub category from the homepage. The data is perfectly curated on the categories which are placed alphabetical in the menu. There is also a search bar so that you can easily get what you want.

Kids Tube

Kids Tube is one of the favourite cartoon channel all the kids like this addon.Talking about the content Kids Tube has the largest database all other addons.There are hundred of working links for streaming anime & cartoons.

The navigation has a good structure all the categories & subcategories are easily search able. It’s easy to jump from one category to other to search different content.Some of the important category are Toddler World TV, Kids TV, Kids TV Nursery Rhymes, Rainbow Kids, Kids Play Time.

Nickelodeon and Nickelodeon Jr

I guess you all know about this addon if not than this addon provides all the cartoons of Nickelodeon and Nickelodeon Jr channel. This kodi addon has most active user and it is very popular among kids.

There are more than hundred of shows link are present their and the also teh list of the most popular shows on the homescreen. So all anime & cartoon of nick by installing this addon from .

Dubbed Anime

Dubbed Anime is quite popular among on the Kids as well amongst the adult. There are only two categories Genres & Latest episodes on the homescreen but the sad news is that only the latest episodes only work.

Some of the links don’t work but you can find some efficient worthwhile anime to watch. This isn’t a great Kodi addons for anime but there are only few & this is one of them.

Best Kodi Addons for Streaming Music

Best Kodi addons for Music
Best Kodi addons for Music

Now Music & Now Music USA

These are two different version of addons from Maverick TV to watch some great music video, All the music lover really love these addons, and it’s really fast and easy to navigate.

As the name indicates Now Music has all the international music and the Now Music Usa is dedicated to the american streaming. These addon has a huge library with all genres of music and video. As soon as the song air you can listen it from these addons.

TuneIn Radio

Tuneln Radio has a vast library of songs literally they have all genres of songs curated in several categories. Tuneln radio is a famous site and a famous addon among the music streaming lovers.

The fact that makes Tuneln radio a great hit addons is it user interface and a vast database of songs collections. You can hear any song from the radio various channels across the globe. You can also create an account and make our own playlist.


I literally love this addon from all other music streaming kodi addons as it provides some great music streaming experience. The best part about this addons is it’s clean navigational structure and it music database with thousands of songs.

There are not so many categories on this addons but these lesser categories has its own fun. Some of its popular categories are Billboard Top 100, top albums artists, rap, hip-hop, jazz, and more. You can literally just enjoy music for hours after opening this addon for once. You can also create your own create and make your own list,


BeatZ is a wonderful music streaming kodi addon and literally you can find any music on it. The huge database is what i like the most. Talking about the user interface it has a very user friendly interface with all the category navigational from the home screen.

There are more than thousand of song each is from the reliable source and can play without stopping. You can download this kodi addon from this link

Best All In One Addons kodi Addon

Best All In One Kodi addons
Best All In One Kodi addons


Median is also one the best All in one kodi addon for streaming all kind of content. There are plenty of new categories & subcategories which are recently added to this addon.

The user interface is simple but yet fully navigational, all the important category can be visited easy from menu. This Kodi addons provides content like movies, TV shows, cartoons, sports, anime and other plenty stuffs. I am sure one you installed this addon you gonna love this.

Death Star

This is the new addon and it recently getting more &  more popular as it has some better content. Some of the Kodi lover are the big fan of this kodi addon as soon as it released.

Death Star has include some of the kodi addon like Leviticus, One Click, House of Blue, and more. These Kodi addon has some of the unique and great content loved by a lot of people. Just try this kodi addons and you will  know how good it is.

Atom Reborn

Atom Reborn is also the new Kodi addon but it recently getting a lot of love from the Kodi lovers. This kodi addon is one of the best All in one Kodi addon has a huge database.

Talking about the user interface it has a little tricky user interface but once our get familiar with it it would be more easy. Atom Reborm has a hue library consist of movies, TV shows, cartoons, and music to listen. Apart from this you can also watch live tv, comedy and documentaries.There is also a dedicated section for steaming 4k movies.


Chonos is also a fresh addons but still make it’s name in the Kodi addons world. There are some good content separated in different categories that you really gonna like.

So Chronos is a All in one Kodi ddons so it brings you movies, live TV programs, up to sports and music at HD quality.This addons is quite popular for live streaming and there is a dedicated category which has 12 channel for Austria. We will recommend you to try this addon for sure.

Scrubs v2

Scrubs has some different content from all of these Kodi addons that makes it completely unique & worthy. From the unique user interface to some great content there is everything to worth a try.

There are some great content like movies and TV shows, fitness videos, and cartoons as well as documentaries. These content are curated in several categories and subcategories with better filtering option. You can also integrate your IMDB & Trakt accounts for making a perfect movies & tv shows list.

Our Verdict For Kodi Addons

So these are the best Kodi addons for streaming Movies, Tv shows, Live Tv, Sports, Music, All in one as well. We have tested each & every Kodi addons so you will get the best experience without wasting any time. Some of these Kodi addons are keep stopped sometime so keep visiting us to get th latest Kodi addons. Tell us in the comment  section which Kodi addon you are going to use and which addon is currently you are using. Also if you have any doubts than contact us in the comment section.



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