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Router Login With Default Router Password & Username

If you forgot your router username and password more often then you are not alone. Router Username is hard to remember and easy to forget many people including me have some rough time remembering them. That why we have created a guide to help all the people including us by the way.

The list compromises several of most using router like Netgear, Belkin, Asus, and Linksys. You will get the default password, username, and IP of your router. This will help to login to your router within a few seconds and you don’t have to wait for hours and remembering it.

After getting the router IP and other credentials you can move forward to logging in the router.

router login
router login

What is my router IP?

The router IP is the initial way to go to the login page of your router. You can find your login IP at the back of your router. You can also read this post to get your router IP, password and username to login into your router.

How to find the Username and password?

You can locate the username and password of your router at the back of your router. You can see a white slip in which you can see the username and password of your router. If you still can’t find it then you can also locate it at the below of the post. We have shared a list of router login IPs with default passwords and usernames.

How to change the router’s password and username?

If you are using your router for the first time then you can enter the default username and password from the below or from your router back.

But if you have forgotten your username and password then you need to reset your router. You can reset your router by pressing the reset button from the back of your router. You have to press the router for around 10 seconds with the help of a pointed object. After you reset your device login in your router with the default password and username.

How can I login to my router?

  1. Make sure you have connected your laptop or computer to your router.
  2. Open a browser in your computer Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, etc
  3. Type your default router login IP (mostly into the address bar from the below.
  4. Enter the username and password in their respective fields.
  5. Congrats You’ve now logged into your router

Default Router Password and Username

Here is the list of the default password list of all the famous router. Use these details carefully and make sure you opt for correct credentials.

Router NameIP AddressUsernamePassword

What if you still can’t login?

router login
router login

1. Make sure your router is connected to your laptop or computer.
2. Make sure your router is connected and has powered On.
3. Check the IP that you entered on the address bar.
4. Check if you have entered the right username and password.
5. Reset the router if nothing works from the previous steps.
6. If the problem persists contact the router manufacturer.

Our Verdict on Router login

We have shared a list of router login guide with default login IP, username and password. If you have any doubt or issue then you comment in the comment section. We have only listed the common routers and so it didn’t get yours then you can comment below. We have gathered all this information from the trusted source and manually test it with all the routers.


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