GB Instagram Apk 1.80 Download Latest Version (Update) 2024

I see people searching for Instagram as they don’t know about Gb Instagram but just start with the official one. Instagram is considered one of the best social media after Facebook as it becomes popular day by day. People started liking the user interface and the idea behind Instagram only photos with a few one minute’s videos is what attracts people to Instagram. The Idea is pretty simple just Follow friends and your favorite celebrity saw their feeds(photos) and post your loving photos to your loved one. Celebrities also liked this concept and this makes it even more popular and finally, it acquired by Facebook.

gb instagram

It is the modified version of the official Instagram ross to provide the advanced version which the official one is not capable of providing. A million of the user is still using this app for the advanced features it provides.

Well, apart from GB Instagram, GB WhatsApp is also considered a great alternative to official WhatsApp, Millions of people are using this app for its amazing features.

You can use GBInstagram on your windows pc as well as on mac. If you want to use this app on the Windows pc then you can look for Android Emulator for pc and if you want to use this app on the mac then you can look for Ios Emulator for Mac.

Also if you are Whatsapp user and want some more useful features then you can read our post on Delta Whatsapp FM Whatsapp & Yo Whatsapp.

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What is GB Instagram?

It is the mod version of the official version of Instagram which provides some advanced and unique features that official Instagram lacks. This app provides the premium feature at no cost with a great user interface and usability feature which you never used before.

I think all Instagram user should definitely give it a try you will surely find how cool is this app. You can change the whole look of your Instagram or even customize it for more convenient use.

Well, you tried to install the app from Play Store then you know that it is not available there. It is only available in the Apk format on the internet. As you expect  Play store doesn’t allow the mod version of apps. Sometimes you wonder why can’t you just download Instagram photos with GBInstagram it is quite easy. The advanced features of GBInstagram allow you to download Instagram photos directly to your mobile phone.

Best Features Of GB Instagram

GB Instagram has a lot of Features over official Instagram that why it is trusted by millions of users. As the people know about GBInstagram they started using it. I guarantee you if you give it a try you just forget about the boring official Instagram and it few features menu. So here some features of this app are.

  1. You can see others Instagram stories without letting them know.
  2. There is an advanced option by which you can download photos and videos on Instagram.
  3. You can translate the comments and captions in your language.
  4. Double Tap to copy a comment
  5. Change the theme of Instagram as you want
  6. Copy the image and videos from other profile than share it on yours
  7. Zoom in or Zoom out to any photo you want
  8. See Number of Notification directly on the this  app
  9. You Don’t Need to root your device for using this app
  10. Enable or Disenable the voice of the video automatically from starting.

So these are the features of this app now if you want to download this app I know you surely can then you can download it from the link below.

Download GB Instagram Apk Latest Version

It is considered as one of the best Instagram modes you can find all over the internet. This app is popular because of the features it has provided. In the latest version of the GB WhatsApp, you will get all the premium offers as well the official Instagram features. We have shared version 6.00, 6.40, 6.50, 6.60 and 6.65.

Down there we have the latest verssion Apk for you which we have tested for months to provide the best for you. The Apk version of the is easy to download just one tap and it will download.

Download Latest Version

Download the latest version of GB Instagram apk from here as it is the most trusted zone on the internet. The latest Version of app consists of many new features which you can unaware of. These features are listed above as you all read it from above. All these features are lacking from the official Instagram.

GB Instagram 1.80

App Name GB Instagram
App Size43.69 MB
InfoInstagram Mod with Extra feature
Last Updated21 Dec 2018

Hope you get the Lastest version of this app right within a tap. Gb Instagram always gets updated and we always gonna updated this post to get your back.

Download Old Version

The Old version of the GB Instagram is also popular as it has a good user interface and lots of features as compared to the official Instagram app. Many of the users wanted the older version of the app so we have also listed them with the newer version. So Download here all the older versions.

GB Instagram 1.60

GB Instagram 1.55

Gb Instagram 6.50

Gb Instagram 6.40

Gb Instagram 6.00

How to Install GBInstagram?

Installing the Apk is a pretty easy task like installing normal Instagram from play store. You just have to download the latest version from the above and then follow some easy steps and get your favorite apk installed on your mobile phone. Here are the steps to guide you to the installation.

  1. Download the Latest version of app from above

2. Tap to start the installation of Instagram GB


3. After Installation tap on the Done button


4. Enjoy your Latest GBInstagram with all new features

Frequently Asked Questions About Gb Instagram Apk

Is Gb Instagram Is Safe?

Yes, this app is completely safe and you can easily use it without any issue. It is considered as one of the safest apk that provides lots of features. Your data is completely secure and encrypted just like in WhatsApp.

Will you able to download photo with Gb Instagram?

With the Official Instagram app, you can’t able to download photos or videos but with the help of this app, you can easily download your favorite Instagram photos or video. You download need to screenshot photos anymore once you download the app.

How frequently does Gb Instagram is Updated?

Usually, it takes 1 month for the latest update as soon as it gets the latest update we update our links too so if you want to keep updated then you have to visit us certainly. We recommend you always use the latest version as it is more secure.

Is Gb Instagram is better than Instagram?

Yes, You will a lot more features on the app that make it far better than the official Instagram. It lets you download any photos or videos o Instagram and you can see anyone’s status without letting them know.

Is Yo Instagram is same as Gb Instagram?

Yes, these two Yo Instagram and Gb Instagram provides the same feature and are the same. Just Some people call GbInstagram as Yo Whatsapp.

Is GB Instagram available for Ios or iPhone?

No, right now GB Instagram is not available for Ios but the developers are working on it so that it can be available for Ios.

How to Update GB Instagram Apk?

  1. Download the Latest Version of this app from the above link.
  2. After Download tap on the file to Install the Latest Version of this app.
  3. The Latest Version just overrides the older version.
  4. After the installation, you got your latest app Enjoy all the new features.

Our Verdict

Well, hope you get your latest version of GB Instagram apk from here with all the new features you wanted. We recommend you to use the latest version as it provided premium features from the official Instagram. So comment to us do you like this post or not or if you have some questions about this post. We also loved to know what you guys want us to write next.

So That’s all from this post enjoy it and share it with your friends and family. And this app is created by the same GB Whatsapp developer as all the credit goes to the developer of GB Whatsapp.


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