10 Best Xbox One Emulators For Windows Pc To Play Games

Every gamer wants to have an Xbox One but might not afford it if you are also the one who can’t afford then don’t worry we have a perfect solution for your problem Xbox One Emulators for Windows. These emulators are the best way to play an Xbox game on their windows pc or laptop. Playing the game on Xbox One is fun so I think that’s why there are millions of searches on Xbox 360 Emulators and that’s we why we have decided to write a post on Xbox one emulators for windows. We have also made a post on Android emulator as well as ios emulator you can use these emulators to play games on your windows pc as well on your laptop. So before moving to the article lets just start from the basic and let’s just start from explaining what Xbox One Emulator really is? their advantage and best Xbox emulator for windows pc.

What is Xbox One Emulators?

Xbox One Emulators are those emulators which create Xbox One gaming console like environment on your windows pc so you can easily pay all the Xbox one games. These are the specially made emulators to run Xbox One or Xbox 360 games on your windows pc. They also provide you the same user interface as you get in Xbox console so you don’t have any problems while using it. While the fluency of the game only depends on the configuration of your device. But if you have a good graphics laptop then it would be more easy for the emulator to play games more smoothly. These Emulators are designed in that way so that they can provide the seamless experience to the user regarding the extra features that they already provide. Xbox One Emulator is free of cost and provides a lot of features by which you can play your games with ease.

Features of Xbox One Emulator

Xbox emulator provides a lot of features so that you will get all the benefit of using the Xbox One or Xbox 360 Emulator. These emulators are tested by our experienced geeky staff and then curated for you. So here are some of the advantages of using Xbox Emulators.

Free Of Cost

While I have also mentioned earlier these all emulator which I am gonna list is free of cost you don’t have to spend a penny of money to use Xbox one emulator in your windows pc.

High Quality Experience

These emulators provide the high-quality streaming on your pc. This features directly affect the gaming quality of Xbox One Emulators. If you play any high-quality video using this emulator you got the high-quality result.

High Quality Audio

You will get high quality audio once you started playing any Xbox games on this Xbox One Emulator. You got all the HD audio experience with these emulators.

Lag Free Experience

All the Xbox One Emulators provide the lag-free seamless experience while playing your favorite game.

Game Supported

These emulators support all the games which you can play on Xbox One or Xbox 360. So all your games can be played seamlessly on the windows pc.

Best Xbox One Emulators for Windows 10, 8,7 Pc

Xbox One Emulator for windows pc is written below from sequence. We have tested each and every emulator for days before putting it on this list of best Xbox One emulator. With these emulators, you can play all your Xbox one games without any lag. So let’s start the emulators counting.

1. CXBX Emulator

CXBX is considered as one of the best emulators for playing Xbox One games or Xbox 360 games. This emulator helps you to play games seamlessly on your windows pc even you have a low configured device. The installation part of this emulators is also pretty simple.

xbox one emulator
xbox one emulator

While the CXBX Emulator only let you play the five games namely Battle Cry, whacked, Futurama, Turok and Smashing Drive it still has the great fan following. The best part about this emulator is that you don’t find any lagging while laying all these games. Pros

  • It is Capable of emulating many of XBOX SDK Samples
  • It has the ability to run Xbox Pixel Shader
  • It has an inbuilt Xbox Executable Viewer to manage and view the game


  • Only Support Five games
  • Need a High configured pc or laptop to play games seamlessly


2. Xenia Emulator

Xenia is yet another one of the best Xbox one emulator used for playing games of Xbox one directly to the windows pc or laptop. This almost supports 50 titles of Xbox One games one of the most in this list. You could possibly feel a little lag but the experience is almost quite better.

xbox one emulator
xbox one emulator

The developer of this emulator is actively working on this emulator to provide an endless experience for the users. In the last update so may bug are fixed by the developers that are why we placed this emulator in our list. Pros

  • Supports more than 50 + games of Xbox One or Xbox 360
  • Actively supported by the official developer’s team


  • The latest versions lag a little while playing games.


3. Xeon Emulator

Xeon Emulator is also one of the top rated Xbox emulators used by many of the game lovers to play Xbox one or Xbox 360 games. This games support most of the Xbox games and help them to run in a fluent manner. You don’t have to face much lagging while using this emulator. This emulator is available for both Windows and Dos operating systems.

best xbox one emulator
best Xbox one emulator

Although the official team has stopped the support for this emulator this emulator is still provided of the best gaming experience to all of the users. I highly recommend this emulator to all. Pros

  • It comes with the Xbox backup creator wizard
  • Very easy to install also comes with an instruction guide
  • Support both Windows and Dos


  • The developer stopped working on this
  • Only able to emulate NTSC version of Halo


4. DXBX Emulators

DXBX emulator is also considered as one of the best emulators that might work or look like the CXBX emulators as they are made by using the same source code. It almost supports all of your favorite Xbox one or Xbox 360 games with an ease. You can say it is an advanced version of CXBX emulator.

Best Xbox 360 Emulator
Best Xbox 360 Emulator

DXBX emulator supports all the windows version like Windows 7,8,10 but only in 32bit if you try to run it on 64bit all you get is can’t able to run this file. Pros

  • It comes with the symbol detecting system
  •  It has a preloaded Direct3D8 for playing higher graphics games
  • Can implement API and kernel


  • It only supports 32bit windows.


5. EX360E Xbox 360 Emulator

EX36E is yet another one of the best Xbox Emulator voted by thousands of gamers. This is a special Xbox 360 emulator but it can also run all the Xbox one games with an ease. This emulator supports GUI and patcher for a smooth gaming experience.

xbox one emulator for windows
xbox one emulator for windows

While dominating a big part in the gaming world this Xbox emulator still lacks with the API and in terms of storage. You have to have a windows 64-bit os version because it’s not able to support 32bit of windows. Pros

  • Can play the heavy Arcade games
  • This emulator is able to run games smoothly as it converts the games into Executable first.


  • It lacks to provide the best user interface


6. Box Emulator

Box emulator also plays a great part in the gaming world whenever there is a talk about Xbox One emulator Box emulator always comes in mind. The Box emulator is popular because it delivers excellent graphics at no cost.

xbox 360 emulator for windows
xbox 360 emulator for windows

This emulator is trusted by millions of gamers across the world. This Xbox emulator almost supports most of the Xbox One and Xbox 360 games with an ease. Box emulator provides excellent seamless experience while playing games. Pros

  • Supports almost all games of the Xbox One and Xbox 360 emulator
  • It provides an excellent user interface with good graphics quality.


  • Don’t support Live & pirated games


7. Hackinations Emulator

Hackinations is also considered as one of the best Xbox emulators as it provides the geat user interface and seamless gaming experience.  This Xbox emulator provides you to play some great games like Gear of War 4, Halo collection, or Forza Horizon. 

xbox 360 emulator
xbox 360 emulator

This Xbox emulator is great and provides all the service at free of cost and deliver one of the best users interfaces. Well, we have provided you the download links below from the official website. Prons

  • Support USB Controller to play games
  • Supports Disc to play games directly from the cd.


  • Requires a higher configuration pc

Note: We are searching for the official link.

8. VR Box 360 Emulator

VR Box 360 Emulator is the another Xbox emulator which is quite helpful to play all games of Xbox One and Xbox 360 games. The Xbox emulator is bug-free and the developers are continuously working on this to provide the more user-friendly and bug-free environment.

Best Xbox one emulator
Best Xbox one emulator

This Xbox one emulator supports all the windows version windows 10,8,7 with an ease. This Xbox One emulator is widely popular among the gamers for its user interface and graphics. Pros

  • It is free of cost so you don’t have to spend a penny
  • It supports all the windows version windows 10,8,7


  • It is a new emulator and needs more testing in terms of others.


9. XQEMU Emulator

XQEMU Emulator is considered one of the best emulator to play some of the best games seamlessly like Halo, Jet Set Radio Future, Serious Sam. This emulator allows you to download the software on the computer to use later. 

Best Xbox Emulator
Best Xbox Emulator

This emulator is widely popular across the globe for the tons of features and the user interface it provides. While these features made it one of the best Xbox emulator in the globe. While there is the developer who is also working day & night and to make it a top emulator. Pros

  • It has a very easy user interface


  • It supports only a few games


10. PCSX2

PCSX2 is well named comes in mind whenever someone talks about Xbox emulators for playing Xbox one or Xbox 360 games. With the help of this Xbox emulator, you can play most of the games with ease. The best part of this game is it is free of free of cost and still provides tons of features.

Best Xbox 360 emulators
Best Xbox 360 emulators

PCSX2 support both Windows as well as the Linux operating system. It also lets you play the heavy games with great graphics with ease. This Xbox emulator also provides network support and other plugins.


  • You can use any controller with this emulator
  • The recording on this emulator is the pretty easy task


  • Higher configuration pc is required
  • Don’t able to play high graphics game at high quality


Our Verdict

These Xbox one emulators are best emulators to run Xbox one games or Xbox 360 games with an ease. There is some Xbox one emulator which works on 64-bit version or some works in 32 bit. Well but all the emulators support on all the windows version like on windows 10,8,7. We have curated this list by testing all the emulator and some of the emulator which I listed is in the development stage but they still managed you to provide the seamless gaming experience. So I hope you all like this post and if you have some questions then free to ask with us in the comments box. Also, tell us which Xbox one emulator are you using or you been used. Related Articles


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