Top 10 Best Free Android & Ios Games Of All Time

There is a time when we used to play Video games on tv, the games like Maro, Snowbros, Contra, flows in our veins but now the times changes a lot and people now used to more engage with Mobiles games cause It’s easy to stay with your mobile rather than your t.v. The mobiles games are more … Read more

10 Best Free Music Streaming Apps for Android & iPhone In India

Best Free Music Streaming Apps In India Remember the older days when you had a collection of song, Now these days youth just use Music Streaming Apps. You have to use some MB form your data to enjoy any song anywhere you want. You don’t have to fill your storage you just need a good … Read more

Spotify 8.44 Premium Apk Download 2019 (Updated)

Spotify is a giant music streaming app which is not launched its services in many countries but it still considered one of the best music streaming app. I saw a lot of question on Quora and Yahoo Answers like how to use Spotify Premium apk app for free and doesn’t see a perfect answer so I decided to post … Read more

Is Spotify the best music streaming app ?

Is Spotify the best music streaming app? There are more than 50 music streaming apps you can find in play store. But when we come to best music streaming apps we can count some apps like Soundcloud, Apple music, and Spotify. I am an Apple music user since the day it launches in India. Before Apple … Read more

The top ten upcoming mobiles in India 2018

  2017 is the year of many hits smartphones like Redmi note 4, MiA1, Nokia 6, Oneplus 5, Google pixel Xl, iPhone X and much more. These smartphones hit the market with a bang and created their own image. Now with the coming of 2018 Many Companies like iPhone, Samsung, Motorola, and Xiaomi are all set to hit … Read more

Xiaomi Redmi Y1 Review and Specification

Xiaomi redmi y1

Xiaomi is been ruling in the mobile market since the day they launched their first mobile Redmi 1s on 16 August 2014. From their first moile to their best selling mobile Redmi note 4 they face many challenges from their Rival companies like Samsung, OPPO, Micromax Etc but they probably beat them with their lower prices … Read more