Top 10 Best Free Android & Ios Games Of All Time

There is a time when we used to play Video games on tv, the games like Maro, Snowbros, Contra, flows in our veins but now the times changes a lot and people now used to more engage with Mobiles games cause It’s easy to stay with your mobile rather than your t.v. The mobiles games are more … Read more

10 Best free Antivirus Software for Windows Pc & Mac

Antivirus is the basic need of any Pcs and Laptops to perform its daily activity. All pc users need a strong antivirus to protect and secure their pc from malware. Antivirus also come up with payment secure mode and privacy protector features but these are paid features and not everyone can afford them. So for our … Read more

Here all you need to know about Sophia the Robot


 About Sophia The Robot Sophia is the female robot invented by Hanson Robotics Ltd. A company who is famous for inventing genius, expensive and human type robots. On 25 October 2017, Sophia became a citizen of Saudi Arabia, the first robot to get the citizenship in any country. Her words after achieving the citizenship “I am very … Read more

Best laptops under 25000 in India


I know you have been visited many websites looking for Best laptops under 25000 in India. With the research over weeks, we gather a list of best laptops under 25000 in India from the top brands like Dell, Lenovo, Hp,  Acer. We know you are looking for some kind of laptop which can store your … Read more

Best laptops under 30000

If you are looking for best laptops under 30000 then you are landed on the right page. We made the list of best of the best Laptops under 30000 in India. This list consists of laptops from the top brand like Lenovo, Hp, Dell, Asus, Acer. You can expect a fluent experience in your daily routine work … Read more

Samsung The Wall -A 146 Inches Modular Tv Announced By Samsung

Samsung The Wall: Future of televisions Ces 2018 is a huge gathering of many giants and tech industries to showcase their gadgets and latest techs. Some cool gadgets launched in CES 2018 are Sony Aibo, HiMirrior. Many Tv was launched but Samsung The Wall is the only Tv which stole all the appreciations. Samsung launched the world first 146 inches modular … Read more

HiMirror a much need beauty product you all need to Have

HiMirror Review and Features HiMirror is one of the few Beauty gadgets launched in the Ces 2018. A lot of other cool gadgets were also launched at CES 2018 like Sony Aibo, Samsung The Wall and much more. HiMirror is beauty tech which helps you a lot in your skin caring and protection. We personally experience this product form some … Read more

Sony Aibo Robot Dog, Price, Launch Date, Full Details & Description

Sony Surprisingly launched  Aibo robot dog In ongoing Ces 2018. Aibo first launched in May 1999 and shuts down in 2014. Sony did some change and made the New Aibo the robot dog. It was unexpected thing form Sony it’s like the same when Baidu also announced its Mysterious speaker. Also, see our post  Sophia the Robot: the First robot  … Read more

10 Best Free Music Streaming Apps for Android & iPhone In India

Best Free Music Streaming Apps In India Remember the older days when you had a collection of song, Now these days youth just use Music Streaming Apps. You have to use some MB form your data to enjoy any song anywhere you want. You don’t have to fill your storage you just need a good … Read more